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Rapid Weight Loss – Is This An Achievable Goal?

Fast weight loss should not be difficult if you know how to follow your diet in a proper way. Starving yourself is not the right option to you. Actually, starving can cause you more problems with weight because your brain will get a signal to produce and store more fat in your body in order to use it in future again. You should have a chance to select food that will help in achieving your goal of getting a sexy figure you have dreamed about long ago.

Obese people are stuck in their present weight and they think that there is no way of achieving their ideal figure again. But it is a myth that is being spread by pharmacy industry just to keep us fat and sell their newest magic drug to us and make money on you. If they propagate this myth, they will benefit from it and will raise their income quickly.

What if the products that they are selling, are really effective? But then why there are so many obese people in the world? The main thing you should understand is that these magic drugs and pills decrease only water weight of our body. It is a temporary effect and your weight will come back again very quickly.

Losing weight fast should not be such a difficult task if you know what food you should consume. It is recommended to look at Glycemic Index of food items. If you select food low on it, following this factor; you will be able to reduce a fair amount of fat in a short period of time.

Glycemic Index can show you how quickly foods are dissolved into sugar in the body’s bloodstream. High level of GI foods is transformed into blood sugar very quickly and will increase sugar level in blood. This will evoke the release of Insulin to your blood. In such a case more fat is stored in your body.

Starchy foods such as potatoes are an excellent example of high GI foods. Consuming potatoes with a very high GI is similar to consuming table sugar. As you can see, you can reduce the consumption of potatoes, if you are really concerned with your weight and want to get rid of those unwanted pounds.

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Food items with a GI of below 50 are suggested to anyone who wants to melt excess fat quickly.
Potato instant- 83, Potato micro waved- 82, Potato mashed- 70, Potato baked- 85, Broccoli- 15, Apple juice- 41, Peanuts- 15, Pita bread white- 57, Oat bran- 55, Hamburger bun- 61,

So, as you see, there are many ways of losing weight. You can choose some weight loss pills, or do it in a natural way. Choose what is the most suitable for you and good luck!

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