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The control over weight (fast helps of loss of weight) both hunger of food and appetite hunger is physiological, congenital instinct whereas appetite is psychological or the scientific answer to food. Therefore, rather usually test appetite and eat when everyone does not wish to eat, on the contrary, some very thin people or those with frustration of food behavior can have the hunger without appetite. Hunger is negative experience.

Feeling of an abundance or satisfaction which induces us to stop it is mentioned as saturation, probably main regulator of the food behavior, some experts feel that the food behavior is always in operation except those cases when the saturation signal switches it off. Only, as it happens, it is not known, though the set of theories has been sent. Glucostatic theory of regulation of hunger offers that the exhaustion of glycogen liver can make start and meal stop. The liver stores approximately 75 grams of glycogen or 300 energy units (calorie). Then level of falling glycogen liver with considerable feelings of hunger can occur. Lipostatic theory offers that hunger is regulated to a certain extent by number of fat enzymes’ storage on surfaces of fatty cages.

Operating appetite cores with two management methods of appetite are little effective.

1. Storage of the stomach full with low food calorie and drink and lifting of level of sugar in blood of a body.

2. The increase in your liquid consumption (especially water) and consumption of difficult carbohydrates, type of crude fruit and vegetables between food and during food will hold a stomach rather full and help you to operate your appetite. Small quantities of candy sugar, food type are the other techniques you can use. This approach will lift your level of sugar in blood and will help to bridle your appetite.

The appreciable approach to loss of weight of sitting on a diet should occur gradually (no more, than two – four pounds a week enough difficult for the person) within months and in a combination for the realization. Such approach, possibly, will make constant change in preferences in meal and will lead to a high proportion of fat loss and small loss of a poor fabric of a muscle.

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The following offers are for the healthy approach to a low calorie diet and for fast loss of weight

• Eat three foods in a day from four basic groups of food.
Do not pass food, choose food from each group which you can enjoy and can continue to eat within several months
• Drink, the minimum of ten points of water daily
• Consume all needed vitamins and useful minerals from four main groups of food.
• Have RDA in fiber daily
• Take in enough fat for Saturation (10 – 15 percent of each daily calories)
• Keep accounts of your consumption of food and drink, identify problem areas.
The association which is keeping to a diet with realization in activity or the aerobic program you can enjoy.
• Carry out three or four times weekly. At least thirty minutes each time.

It is realistic to lose weight fast. But if you plan to see any results with weight loss, then you should better know this weight loss information.

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