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Weight loss has become a very hot topic today. People who are concerned with their weight are searching for various quick weight loss diets. So, what does a good weight loss consists of? Effective weight loss is not just a set of specific workouts which help to grow muscles, but it is also a good diet that can be easily followed. So, any diet should consist of these important components.

If you do not know what to eat or when to eat, you can start with the easiest of the life’s important necessities; water. Water is the building block of life and the basis of any weight loss. You may feel swollen after drinking too much water. Nonetheless, it happens because you do not drink enough water.

The body is a unique creation that controls itself and adapts. If you do not drink enough water, your body will be set on a survival mode. The body will start to retain water which will end with bloating because it is uncertain of when it will be hydrated again. To fight bloating, you should drink about 8 glasses of water per day. In this case the body will understand that it is being hydrated on a regular basis with enough water and will shift water weight. Besides, if you drink cool water, it will help to retain overeating.

To start with eating properly, you should know how much and when to eat. The main problem of most people who have problems with weight is traditional 3 meals. Insufficient source of fuel decreases metabolic rate and in its turn energy levels are getting also low. This combination is vital for weight loss. Instead of eating 3 meals per day, it is recommended to begin eating 6 meals per day.

Every meal should be about the size of your fist. So, when eating those frequent meals, make sure that they are small and you eat in the interval of 2 – 3 hours. These meals are supposed to replace all of the snacking during the day. Eating frequent meals is advantageous because your metabolic rate is increased because your body receives a fuel source regularly. A better metabolic rate leads to high energy levels and continues burning of calories.

Now when you’ve got to know the “when”, it is the right time to understand “what”. Foods which contain negative calories or protein enriched foods should be the basis of your diet. The fallacy about negative calorie foods is that they contain no or negative calories. All foods contain calories and that is why many people have weight problems.

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Foods enriched with protein are also very important. Protein feeds the muscles during and after physical workouts. By eating protein, you will be supplying your muscles so that they do not eat away themselves. If there is a shortage of protein, your muscles will breakdown and all your training will be in vain. To burn calories in the most effective way eat protein in 45 minutes after your physical exercises. When you feed your muscles, fat is the only thing to be burnt. Besides, protein is beneficial for your health. Foods that contain much protein, such as salmon and tuna also contain healthy fats and omega-3; they are good for your health. Other protein enriched foods are turkey and chicken. As you see, weight loss plans can contain delicious and useful foods. So, weight loss can bring you fun.

Bear in mind that moderation is key. When you can eat as much lettuce as you want, you are not allowed to eat large portions of foods enriched foods, because this will not promote quick weight loss. Portion size, self control and drinking water are of a great use. Healthy meals containing much protein, negative calorie vegetables and complex carbs such as whole wheat pasta will make you lose weight.

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