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Purification Of The Organism By Means Of Starvation

Purification of the organism by means of starvation

“The more you feed a crude body, the more harm you do to it.” Hippocras.

Our organism for a winter and spring has saved up a considerable quantity of slags. Remember what you ate in a cold season? Many meat dishes, a roll, sweet, dainties and marinades. The impartial number of weight balances testifies that the desire to eat something tasty cost us an increase of one-two superfluous kgs.

What to make to get rid of them? These ways are old, as the world. After all not casually our ancestors held every spring a starvation or refusal from meat. As, you will tell, we tried different diets, but special improvement after them wasn’t observed.

How to avoid the effect of kilograms coming back?

Do you know such children’s toy a globule on a thread? It is thrown downwards, and it, as if by magic, flies up back upwards. And our weight, during a diet it can decrease and is appreciable enough, but only it is time continence passes, kgs promptly accrue, sometimes even surpassing that mark with which you began. Dietarians name it “effect of yo-yo”. During a diet the organism hasn’t time to be cleared of slags and to be reconstructed. How to achieve changes?

The system approach is required

Scientists have experimentally proved that with it we will be helped by starving-dietary therapy or medical starvation. There are some systems of this:

They differ on many parameters, for example on duration. But for some experts there is the only approach to it starvation demands the system approach, and it at all isn’t panacea from all illnesses. Having salutary effect on such illnesses as adiposity, the hypertonic, an osteo chondrosis, a cholecystitis, arthritis and others, however the medical starvation and starving-dietary therapy has set of contraindications.

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It is forbidden to fast to pregnant and feeding mums.

It is forbidden to adhere to medical starvation for those people who are sick with tuberculosis, to the people having cardiovascular diseases, a stomach ulcer and a duodenum, suffering disturbances of function of a thyroid gland and also nervous breakdowns. Even painful teeth and the enlarged almonds can cause undesirable complications.

Therefore if you decide, having read this article, to spend organism purification under the offered scheme before necessarily consult to the doctor and during starvation try to be too under its observation.

Purification: step by step

The preliminary period: 3—5 days prior to starvation the person refuses meat nutrition, coffee and alcohol, in a ration prevail vegetables and groats and thirst is satisfied with grassy or fruit tea and still mineral water (2—2,5 l a day). In the day previous starvation you should also eat fruit (up to 1,5 kg).

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