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Psychological Preparation For A Diet. How Not To Go Mad And Achieve Result

Having come to a conclusion that it is time to go on a diet not everyone can prepare himself correctly to it psychologically. As there is a technique of psychological preparation for hand-to-hand fight, and there is a preparation technique in the psychological plan to a diet. For today the mankind has thought up set of diets, not all of them are effective, not all pleasant and easy, but any diet becomes for you nightmare if not to manage to approach correctly to it. And so what it is necessary to do and what it is not necessary to do when necessity for a diet «has seized by a throat»:

1. Realize necessity of a diet.
Your confidence of necessity of a diet should be 100 %. Such confidence appears when the weight passes frameworks of the normal. Those who has typed superfluous two kgs, cannot be fond of diets, it is enough two days to drink kefir and their problems would be solved.

2. Appoint exact date when plan to begin a diet.
Period planning on which the diet is very responsible moment in preparation for it is necessary. In a diet you should force an organism to resort from protective reaction, in a condition of psychological rest, any stress. Also, it is impossible, appointing date, to use the name of days of week. The promise to begin something since Monday, as a rule, has no force and is only an excuse.

3. Do not sit on a diet for the sake of someone.
Everything that you do you should do for yourselves. Frequently all your “sufferings” and the efforts enclosed for achievement of the purpose remain not understood.

4. Designate stimulus.
Stimulus is the most powerful weapon of suggestion. Define for yourself what will be if you achieve desirable result. As stimulus the trip on the sea, purchase of a gold ornament and many other things can serve.
5. Accurately define the purpose.
«I want to grow thin» – it is heard from everywhere. For a question «on how many kg you want to grow thin?» handshake by shoulders and the unintelligible answer: « on five or ten kg ». Going to “sit down” for a diet you are defined at once with how many kgs you want to leave. Define to gram and operate. Thus, you will put yourselves a specific goal for which achievement will make efforts. The given actions will help to get rid of uncertainty.

6. Buy the pleasant thing of the size to which there will correspond your future weight.
Having begun a diet you can every day to try on bought thing and to be convinced of the received result.

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7. Get scales.
It is desirable to get scales with definition not only kg but also gram. Being weighed, in the morning and in the evening you will know how many gram have lost for a day. It will not only stimulate you to diet continuation but also will help to understand whether it is necessary to adhere to the selected diet or it is necessary to change it.

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