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Psychological Component Of Growing Thin Process

In this article I would like to speak about psychological component of growing thin process, about a preliminary spirit on a diet and pulling of positive result.
After you have decided to grow thin and before you have gone on a diet it is necessary to be adjusted on positive result. That the diet did not become flour, and brought pleasure, from each lost gram it is necessary to change not only the food allowance, but also views! How is to make it?

At first you should relax, sit comfortable, close your eyes. Imagine yourself, as you are now, with all folds, superfluous kilograms… Only, please, treat yourself with love! And now imagine yourself how you wish to become, in all details. You should feel pleasure and pride of yourself. Further, put in the thoughts, the first image at the left, and the second to the right of yourself. Also think, what you are ready to refuse to become an ideal. Think of it with pleasure, after all you should realize the dream. And now take a step from left to right – to yourself harmonious, then one more and so while you will not enter at image, which have drawn in imagination. Listen to the feelings. How do you feel? Are you happy? Are you overflowed with feeling of ease, pleasure, and happiness? If it is so, think once again what you are ready to refuse for the sake of this sensation. Imagine that each not eaten slice of a pie or other high-calorific product approaches you to the purpose. And approach to treasured dream it is very pleasant.

Before a diet it is very useful to think about the topic: “And what for is it necessary for me?” Take a sheet of paper, divide on two halves and on the one hand list everything that as it seems to you, you we will get having grown thin. And on other half everything, than you are ready to refuse for the sake of it.
For example:
Symmetry it is Beauty.
And so on.

I refuse!!!
From late suppers after 6 p.m.
From sweets.
From fat high-calorie products.
From farinaceous food etc.

Certainly, everybody will have different lists.
Actually, the diet can be transformed into fascinating leisure. All depends on a spirit.
Having refused late suppers and farinaceous food, and for a month you will lose from 1 to 2 kg! It is exact! And if still to replace sweets – caramel or sugar candies (no more than 5 pieces in day) – then weight losses will be more.

Only when the use of any products is limited, you start to understand – how tasty it is! After all when it is possible to eat sweets so much, how many will get – that you cease to appreciate them. But as soon as you start to limit yourself, you will understand what tasty this unique sweet will seem to you!!! You start to appreciate meal.

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Refusing from tasteful things, but very harmful to a figure – remember, for the sake of what you do it. And everything will turn out!

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