Proteins, Carbohydrates… What Kind Of Food Should Eat The Sportsman?


The protein is important for restoration and growth of muscular tissues. The amino acids delivered by proteins, form blocks for building of all cells of a human body. Your internal, hair, immune system and in general all systems of an organism cannot exist without proteins.

Body builders need to consume quantity of proteins sufficient for fulfillment of daily vital functions and also for restoration of muscles after trainings.

It is not necessary to forget that energy from proteins should constitute 30-35 % from the general day quantity of calories. For example man, who has weight about 90 kilogram and consuming 2600 calories per day, should eat, thus, 215 grams of proteins for a day that will give about 33 % of calories. Divide the norm of a protein approximately in an equal proportion for all day. If this man eats 6 times per day, for once he consumes 30-40 grams of protein.

As protein sources can serve such products, as a turkey, chickens, white fish, lean red meat, white of eggs, and also every possible protein mixes for cocktails.


Carbohydrates – it is the basic energy source for an organism. Carbohydrates can be divided on two categories – simple and difficult. Difficult carbohydrates should constitute a basis of your energy resources, excepting the short period after training. Difficult carbohydrates slowly break up, cause moderate increase of sugar in blood that does not lead to sharp allocation of insulin.

Consumption of simple carbohydrates causes fast raise of level of sugar in blood that leads to active allocation of insulin and, as a result, to sugar falling in blood. It forces you to feel tired and broken, but within 1,5-2 hours after training your body and muscles are very susceptible to simple carbohydrates. Increase of level of insulin as a result of consumption of simple carbohydrates promotes filling your devastated resources and in the end helps you to restore after intensive load.

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Some experts consider that on 60-80 % energy stocks are restored within 1-3 hours after the training termination. In other words, the faster your tired and hungry muscles will receive qualitative fuel, the above your chances to spend the following training. But remember, it is the unique ideal period for consumption of simple carbohydrates. All rest of the time level of your energy is supported by difficult carbohydrates, which ensure constant inflow of glucose to muscles.

Carbohydrates as it has been told, deliver 50-60 % of a daily work quota of calories. As well as in a case with proteins, in regular intervals distribute the general necessary quantity of carbohydrates on all food intakes during the day. It is considered good ratio of carbohydrates of 2-3 grams on gram of proteins in the after training food intakes, and 1-1,5 grams on 1 gram of proteins in the rest of the time.

After training you should receive two food intakes. Once we eat right after the terminations of training, usually it is a cocktail; the second time is a high-grade supper in an hour – one and a half hour after training. These two food intakes should contain 30-45 % of a daily work quota of calories and carbohydrates.

Difficult carbohydrates are delivered in an organism by qualitative macaroni, porridge, wild rice, bean, corn, yellow and green vegetables, products from a flour of a rough grinding, rye bread. After training it is possible to eat various sports drinks, apples, bananas or oranges.

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