Weight Loss

Protein Diet Is Very Effective.

You can lose weight rather fast following simple rules and restricting carbohydrates in your ration in favor of protein foods. But oat the same time many doctors do not share the euphoria about the effectiveness of protein diets, as they confirm that eating much of protein foods can bring harm to your health.

If you want to gain your mass muscles, to gain weight or you want to lose weight, to burn fat and to stay slim, then this diet program is for you.

There are many reasons why this diet can be effective for different people with so different goals. But depending on your goal (gaining muscles mass, losing weight etc.) there should be some correction on your ration.

Protein diet program is created based on eating protein foods (much meat and fish) and restricting consumed carbohydrates to the minimum.

Vegetables and fruits are present in your ration too, they provide you with the feeling of being full, but the amount of vegetables and fruits does not balance the amount of proteins and your body gets very little carbohydrates.

Diet means restricting of consuming potato, bread, pasta, fat and oil.

Foods that are rich for proteins:

Beef, chicken and duck sirloin, pollan and tunny fish.
Egg white.
Skimmed yoghurt (but it contains more carbohydrates than proteins)
Skimmed cottage cheese.

The most important for the protein diet is restricting of eating foods that easily turns into fat. Remember that eating mainly foods that contain much proteins in order to gain your muscles mass, you must combine your diet with physical training to save your muscles mass.

Those people who do not do physical job, should eat about 1500 calories a day; those people who do physical work should eat more — about 1800 calories a day, or even 200 calories a day. An average draught of proteins for a man is 3 (3,2) grammes for a kilogram of his weight, i.e. a man whose weight is 80 kilograms can eat 240 grammes of proteins a day.

An average draught of proteins for a woman is less than 3 grammes, about 2,5 grammes for a kilogram of her weight, i.e, if a woman’s weight is 60 kilograms, then she can eat 2,5* 60 = 150 grammes of proteins a day.

What else can you eat keeping a protein diet program?

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Salads made of fresh vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage etc. you can eat without limitations.

What can not you eat keeping a protein diet?

Sweets are banned — even fruits.

Bread, pasta and fried foods are banned too.

How to make foods keeping a protein diet?

Meat and fish — grilled, baked or boiled.

Do not dress salads with oil!

Egg white — boiled or fried only with salt and spices.

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