Weight Loss

Proper And Balanced Eating

If you want to lose weight it is necessary to eat proper nutrition.

If the weight is in norm, in its organism all processes, including hormonal proceed more harmoniously, but adiposity is a real load for our organs and systems. Depression of power value of a ration helps to wrap accumulation process back. Fats in a ration should be presented in less quantity and they should be qualitative. And who have weak cardiovascular system (predilection to a hypertonia, an atherosclerosis) is useful to use the products which structure enters a fat omega-3 acid. This linen oil, a mackerel, salmon, sturgeon, a herring. For preventive maintenance of oncologic disease are useful products with Omega-6, they are presented in sunflower and corn oils. In the olive the unique “omega-9” contains that raising immunity and strengthening vessels.

It is important to enrich also the ration with calcium and magnesium consuming more milk porridges from integral grains and bran. Vitamin A is also very useful; it is a lot of it in the beef liver, yolks and red and orange vegetables. To strengthen vessels potassium which contains in dried fruits, nuts, bananas and a baked potato will help.

Is it actually that much useful to take multivitamins?

There is a large quantity of the multivitamin, mineral and other preparations which are on sale without the prescription of the doctor. And the number of various vitamins and minerals are really great. At first sight, it is quite good – in one preparation there are all necessary components, it is not necessary to swallow some pills or capsules. However not all is simple, because in preparations vitamins and minerals are in a kind of chemically pure substances and can cooperate with each other at chemical level and even deactivate each other. In particular, divalent iron can oxidize vitamins A and Е, and Acidum ascorbinicum can enter into reaction with group of vitamins B therefore both the quantity of vitamins, and their activity in such complexes become less than declared parameters.

Besides, there are competitive mutual relations between separate mineral substances, between some vitamins and as well between those and others already in a human body. For example, there is a direct competition between some metals: iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc compete with each other at simultaneous reception for transport systems of a blood; calcium and iron brake manganese absorption, and zinc – copper.

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Excess consumption of vitamin C, along with other troubles described above, brakes vitamin A accumulation in a liver, enlarges deducing of vitamins В2, В6, B12, promotes deficiency of copper in an organism. The big doses of vitamin B1 and its coenzymes compete with some acids at level of fabric fibers, reducing both its maintenance, and quantity of a coenzyme in a liver.

Along with competitive, take place also synergetic relations between biologically active substances, and it too it is necessary to consider action at a choice of preparations. So, for example, vitamin D is necessary for the best mastering of calcium; vitamin В1 improves mastering and activity of magnesium; such antioxidants as vitamins A, Е and C strengthen action each other, and vitamin E strengthens selenium action. Vitamin C promotes the best mastering of iron and chrome.

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