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Principles Of A Balanced Eating, Advantage And Disadvantages. Part 2

Advantages of a balanced ration:

Thanks to fast passage of compatible products on a digestive tube in an organism there are no fermentation and rotting processes that reduces organism intoxication. The state of health at transition to a balanced food eating improves the weight is also reduced. Result of such way of losing weight as a rule happens proof enough especially if to use it constantly. A balanced eating at gastro enteric disorders and at diseases is useful.

At a balanced eating it is recommended the following ration:

– A breakfast – fruit, fruit salad, cheese, sour cream, a sandwich from bread with bran with butter or cheese, cottage cheese.

– It is desirable to prepare a dinner from the products rich with fibers. And traditional meat or fish dishes – without a habitual garnish from a potato or macaroni, it is possible to add to them the big portion of salad, vegetables, and fruit. From the first dishes it is desirable to eat vegetable soup or a vegetable broth, for a dessert you can have unsweetened fruit.

– A supper you can prepare from the products rich with carbohydrates as they are quickly acquired by an organism. It can be a potato or carrot baked pudding, macaroni with cheese, sweet fruit, etc. passing to a balanced eating never late, it is possible to begin, for example, gradually since one day in a week.

In some time you will get used to ration and food combination and even will feel greater taste of nutrition. You can feel an effect in three months or earlier and it also helps to make entire organism clearing and first of all an intestine tract. Proceeding from principles of the balanced eating, each person can fit this diet according to the individual or family habits.

According to principles of the balanced food eating, all products share on some groups. The products concerning one group are completely compatible among themselves.

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Melons are incompatible with any other products. By rules of a balanced eating, between the use of incompatible products should pass not less than two hours.


Incompatible products can be used with an interval about two hours that the previous nutrition already has had time to be processed and wouldn’t disturb to their mastering.

The honey dew melon and milk are not combined with any other products, it is necessary to eat them separately. Besides, it is desirable to use as less as possible thermal processing at cooking so you keep all useful vitamins containing in it and trace substances.

As it is said it is only for you to decide what you wan to eat and to what food ration you want to adhere, no one will make you do what you don’t want to do.

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