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Principles Of A Balanced Eating, Advantage And Disadvantages. Part 1

The main principle of a method of a balanced eating consists in that at food ration drawing up it is necessary to consider compatibility of separate products at digestion. Consumption of non-polluting fresh vegetables and fruit is recommended in unlimited quantities and to limit consumption of tinned products of all kinds and also refined sweet production of industrial processing (Saccharin, sweets, refreshing drinks, etc.).

It is necessary most sparing way to spend culinary processing of fresh products that at cooking or roasting as much as possible to keep vital components. Observance of these conditions will allow reducing expenses of energy for digestion, support acid-base balance and will frame optimum conditions for normal functioning of digestive organs.

Adherents of the theory of a balanced eating consider that if products incompatible with each other their digestion at a loss simultaneously gets to a stomach. And badly digested products are postponed in an organism in the form of fat and slags. It speaks that for a proteolysis the acidic medium is required, and for carbohydrates the alkaline is required. That is the conditions necessary for digestion of various kinds of products is different.

If we simultaneously eat the nutrition containing many fibers and carbohydrates any of these substances will be acquired worse. So, the fruit eaten on the empty stomach leaves it after 15-20 minutes and if to eat them after meat, they will be late in a stomach, causing fermentation and rotting process.

As a result products arrive in the bottom departments of a digestive tube badly processed that leads to adiposity and to the raised load on a pancreas. The undigested rests of nutrition, accumulating in a colon, can become the reason of constipations and other diseases. Transition to a separate food should eliminate these problems.

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Disadvantages of balanced eating:

For observance of the particular treatment of life great will power is required. To get used to a diet of a balanced eating for many people it is uneasy and though the organism receives all substances necessary for normal functioning. Pleasure from such meal is difficult to receive. Not all doctors agree that a balanced food eating is useful.
According to critics application of this technique is an artificial disturbance of normal digestion. From the moment of the occurrence as biological kind people always ate the admixed nutrition, and for digestion of the admixed nutrition our digestive tube is ideally debugged by the nature. If for some long time interval to conform to the rules a balanced food eating digestive organs “will forget” to cope with heavy food and the sandwiches flavored by salads with mayonnaise and other fat sauces. And the supporter of a new technique should refuse all life dainties and traditional dishes. Eating of celebratory dishes can lead to that the holiday will appear spoiled.

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