Prepare For The Interview When Applying For The Job

In case you already had your first interview then you get a great opportunity to get job and as a result earn some extra money. The first job you get will help to become more responsible and earn extra income for school. What is more, in that case you are taught to plan your time. What is more, you get more insight of what you want to study at college. That is why you have to understand that it is very important to create first impression during the interview. The following tips are going to help you to prepare for the interview.

There is no doubt that you want the interviewer to think about you as a real professional even though you do not have any working experience. In that case you are advised to think of other experiences you want to discuss during your interview. Try to recall some school experience that will tell about your as a reliable and responsible person. You have to jot those stories down and without doubts you will be able to remember them during the interview. In most of the cases the hiring mangers are ok with you bringing those notes. In that situation it is shown that you are really prepared for the interview. You can also ask your teacher or church leader to write for you recommendation. You have to bring the copy of it to the interview.

Do not forget that you are interviewed by the person who works there for career. That is why you are recommended to dress professionally and as a result you will be able to show your respect to that person. The girls can wear nice blouses with either pants or skirts. Make sure that your shoes are low-heeled and the toes are closed. It is better when you wear minimal jewelry and makeup. Button-down shirts are also a great choice for the boys. You have to remember that sneakers, jeans and wrinkled clothes is usually not acceptable on the working place. That is why you should not wear that stuff for the interview. There are also a lot of employers who do not allow facial piercing or tattoos. Make sure that you are aware of the fact that employers are looking for the person that can represent their store and it is not a time for the personal expression.

During the interview the manager is trying to get a sense of how you are going to work and interact with the customers. In case you make good eye contact you show that you respect the other person. In case you are shy you have to practice eye contact in the mirror or with your parents or friends.

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