Weight Loss

Preparation For A Diet

I congratulate! You have decided at last to go on a diet. It doesn`t matter which program for growing thin you have chosen, the main thing is that you have dared for it! But, before to subject the organism to so uneasy tests, spend some preparatory measures.

The first that it is necessary to make before going on a diet is to begin registration of all eaten by you for a day. That is some days before appointed “operation” simply start to write down everything, as in what quantities you eat. Here you will see what your surprise will be when you will read these records. Having seen them you will understand that you eat for a day not one candy as it seemed earlier. Conducting similar records will help to understand from what you recover that it is necessary to exclude from a diet and what to reduce in quantity. Probably, after you will correct the menu a little, the superrigid diet will be not so necessary to you, it will be possible to choose something easier or in general to stop on days of limited intake of food.

The second, but also very important step which should be undertaken before a diet is to be photographed. Ask the husband or girlfriend to photograph you in a bathing suit or in underwear to the utmost and also separately to make a photo of your person close up. Do not think that similar actions are senseless.

First, having looked at the photo you are once again convinced that the diet is necessary, after all superfluous folds at all do not paint your figure. Besides, you distinctly will see from outside that it is particularly necessary to tighten and is possible, in addition to a diet, will go in for sports. Or, if you and without that find due time for physical activity, will add exercises on especially problem zone.

The second argument is in favor of a photo: if adhering to a diet or simply healthy food it is regular (for example, a month) to do new photos, actually it is possible to estimate once results. When you will see real improvements, it will be much easier and more pleasant to take care of the own life and further.
It would be desirable to add one more remarkable way, maintenance of force of own spirit during a diet which precisely will not allow to you to lower a hand: keeping to a diet, “collect” each lost kg. How to make it? Yes it is very simple. It is possible to take any groats, sugar, yes anything you like, to define norm and as soon as the next hated kg will leave you, pour one spoon in empty liter or a half-one-liter jar. As a result, in due course you will notice how the jar of “the left kgs» is fille, and your pleasure will not be a limit. Besides it will be a pity to throw all seeing as you have already reached much.

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