Weight Loss

Potential Risks Connected With Too Much Exercise

Dieters are consistently informed that the best method to lose weight is a healthy diet and regular exercise. Although this is correct, exercising too much could become a concern and could even hinder your weight loss efforts. So, what are the symptoms of overtraining and how can you avoid it?

1.Feeling tired with aching muscles even before working out. This is often a sign that you have not permitted your body time for rest between workouts.

2.An increased heart-rate all day long. This normally indicates that your body has been over-trained or that you are getting sick.

3. Feelings of guilt and depression when you are unable to do a workout session. This may suggest that you are becoming reliant on exercise.

4. Chronic sleepiness and depression. Your body is working to inform you it is exhausted. When workouts stop being something you look forward to and begins to be more like hard work, you are probably overtraining.

If you do not take note of your body’s warnings that it is over-trained, you could become susceptible to various complications that may affect or even prevent the weight loss process. Results of overtraining can include:

1.An increased risk or occurrence of muscle damage due to the absence of recovery time given to muscles and joints.

2. Becoming ill regularly. Overtraining will interfere with your immune system, leading to an inability to fight off illnesses and infections.

3. A decline in performance. The quality of your training will suffer. Quantity does not equal quality.

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4. A greater possibility of quitting when your body is pushed to the limit.

5. Complete melt down. Your body will eventually become unable to cope with constant overtraining, resulting in you needing more time to recover or being unable to work out at all.

Overtraining can easily be avoided. The best way to avoid overtraining is to look for any changes in how you feel when exercising. Train frequently but don’t push yourself too hard and routinely assess your workout patterns and how they affect your health.

Although there is a danger of overtraining when working out often, exercise is unquestionably the ideal technique for losing weight. When linked to a healthy sensible diet, dieters are able to notice great results in terms of both weight loss and general well-being because of the great impact exercise has on your body and mood. A sensible approach is to know your limits and allow time for rest and reflection. Being active must be thought of as a lifestyle choice and not a speedy solution.

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