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Potato Diet And Its Utility

Presently diets are very popular, it is difficult to choose from the presented assortment. Recently many instead of diets began to use a balanced diet. But if you want to get rid of excess weight instantly a potato diet will help you perfectly.

Is the potato useful? Last three centuries the potato has widely extended across Ukraine, it became irreplaceable foodstuff of modern people and especially simple people. We will estimate harmful and useful properties of a potato.

Careful studying of a potato has shown that it is rich with the amino acids necessary for an organism for construction of molecules of fiber and carbohydrates – irreplaceable energy sources. The maintenance of pectins in it suppressing activity of microorganisms harmful to an organism, relieving of toxins, products of a metabolism and surpluses of cholesterol is high. They result in norm activity of a gastroenteric path and restore intestines microflora. The ascorbic acid containing in a potato improves a metabolism, strengthens walls of blood vessels. The baked potato is sated by the potassium strengthening a cardiac muscle.

The potato is necessary for normalization of exchange processes, work of intestines, cardiovascular system, arterial pressure, a brain and a mental condition (cheers up).

Do you see how many useful properties the potato has! However the potato does have not all substances necessary for normal ability to live, therefore long observance of a potato diet is harmful. Most of all useful substances the potato contains in baked or boiled form and during a frying many useful properties are lost.

Besides, only young potato is useful, only useful substances are kept in it, therefore it is senseless to keep to a potato diet in the end of winter. Some variants of a potato diet are known.

Four-day potato diet

The given diet is rigid and short. Long observance of a diet in this variant brings to an organism a considerable damage. But in day it is possible to lose about 0,5 kgs. Disposal of an organism of superfluous water will improve exchange processes.
Such diet consists of a potato in a form for a breakfast, a dinner and a supper. For a breakfast it is possible to drink a glass of kefir. For a dinner it is necessary to eat 200 gram of the mashed potatoes diluted with milk. It is possible to replace salt with greens: fennel, parsley and green onions. For a supper it is necessary to eat the potato salad consisting of two average potatoes, boiled egg, greens and vinegar. It is necessary to drink more waters (but not juice).

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Seven-day potato diet

Every day it is necessary to eat 1 kg of potato for 5-6 receptions. Instead of salt it is authorized to season with greens (fennel, parsley, green onions). Drink usual or mineral water, green tea without sugar. For entering of a variety into a diet it is possible to use vegetables (a stewed vegetable marrow, cabbage) and unsweetened fruit (sour apples and berries). It is possible to afford a few kefir, low-fat cottage cheese and firm cheese.

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