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PMS Symptoms And Weight Loss

Admittedly, weight loss theme has always been a burning issue for both men and women. However, it is true that only women are so worried about this problem, perhaps, because they belong to the fairer sex. It seems that we can put on few pounds after eating only a handful of something while men can enjoy eating process for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, even monthly flow can easily make you gain weight. In case you are prone to the symptoms of PMS (which is happening to all women), you are more likely to suffer form hormonal changes that as a result leads to the undesired food cravings. Secondly, it is worth to mention bloating which is also a very important issue. Remarkably, during this period of the month, the majority of women are not able to fit in their close-fitting jeans. However, as soon as the period is finished, you can easily come back to your normal sizes. Besides, the doctors and experts claim that it is almost unlikely to gain much weight just due to the hormonal food cravings. But in case you happen to notice that you have gained some weight during the period of your monthlies, there are a number of things that are able to help you:

1) Avoid junk food

It is not a secret that processed food is full of salt and monosodium glutamate. When you take a lot of junk food, you are likely to experience what we call water retention during your monthlies which results in an undesired bloating.

2) Consume fibrous foods

Actually, it is much better if you take all carbs from the food loaded with fiber such as vegetables and fruits. Thanks to the fibrous content you cannot undergo bloating and the general state of your health is great. What is more it is able to prevent all symptoms of PMS. In addition, some experts support the view that the consumption of carrots during the whole week running before the monthlies can surely help to get rid of ache and muscle cramps. As for me personally, I think that this is worth trying if such issues are discussed.

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3) Exercise regularly

In reality there are no such weight loss programs that do not emphasize the need for exercises. Speaking about the women’s problem, it is also advised to exercise, owing to the fact that physical activities can reduce the pain and make the PMS symptoms disappear. Besides, you must exercise a lot, not depending on the fact whether you have a period or not. Moreover, such cardio exercises as jogging and walking do help to overcome PMS difficulties. Interestingly, cycling is considered to be the most important activity, because you do not need to stand all the time which is bad for the veins. Finally, exercising influences hormonal control positively.

Have you heard that you might be heading in the wrong direction with your weight loss plans. If you really want to lose weight fast – then this weight loss info can can become a catalyst.

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