Pilates. Pilates For Pregnant Women. Pilates On The Ball.

Pilates is- a complex of exercises for all body which develops flexibility and mobility. Pilates is – one of the most safe kinds of training. No other exercises render so soft influence on a body, simultaneously strengthening it. Training on system Pilates is so safe that it is used for regenerative therapy after backbone traumas. Its name “Pilates” has received after the founder of system, Joseph Pilates.

Pilates strengthens the muscles-stabilizers which are carrying out a role of an original corset, fixing normal position of the body (bearings, and internal organs). Physiatrists, sports doctors recommend the given system as the rehabilitation program, including to those who has transferred backbone traumas. Exercises on system Pilates are especially necessary for women as allow considerably to strengthen muscles of a bottom of a back, press and basin that is essential in ante partum period and the postnatal period.

Pilates for pregnant women

The complex of Pilates exercises is individually developed for the future mums, which allows women to hold muscles in a tone, to make vagina and basin muscles more elastic, to develop a muscular corset. The necessity of the individual program is caused by physiological features of a female organism, and also features of pregnancy period. Pilates helps women to feel well during pregnancy, facilitates childbirth, reduces risk of reception of traumas both during pregnancy and deliveries, and during the postnatal period. Besides, it very positively influences development of the child. Pilates gives to pregnant women sense of the equilibrium, which is necessary for them, develops correct coordination of movements, and the respiratory gymnastics entering into an obligatory complex of exercises of Pilatesс, will improve the general blood circulation in your organism and in an organism of your child. The results appear practically at once, you will feel that it became much easier for you to be pregnant, the nausea has receded, the waist has ceased to ache.

Except improving effect, Pilates will serve also as a good help after the delivery to make your belly to that condition in which it was before pregnancy, and to make its even more flat and elastic.

Pilates on the ball

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The classical variant of Pilates – is Pilates on a rug. But modern fitness has far left from classical, and today classes on Pilates by means of the special equipment represent more likely the ordinary, than something outstanding. To one of the most popular kinds of Pilates became «Pilates on the ball» (Pilates ball or Pilates on the ball). The main advantage of use in the trainings the ball is that loading is taken from a waist and joints, press muscles are trained. The form of the ball allows to make movements on full amplitude and to hold muscles in constant pressure.

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