Pair Of Actions For A Healthy Way Of Life On Work

The pair of actions for a healthy way of life on work you can do even easier than at home. Here are my experience:

If you have office kitchen bring there a good knife, a chopping board, salt, small bottle of olive oil. You may also lock it in a table box when leave.

Every morning type in two empty litre bottles water from a cooler and put on a desktop. If not to run with a glass at first to “watering place” and then to boys in administration department that they have replaced a 19-litre bottle, the prospect to drink two litres of water a day appears not such unreal.

Get in department a healthy table. At least the pair of colleagues for certain keeps to a diet, they will support you. Your problem is to break tradition of daily replenishment «bank of cookies» (I know that your department also drags for work a pack of cookies, pies, sweets and a house batch).
The main requirement is that your meal was not spoilt, did not smell and did not crackle too loudly.

Use possibility to move between departments on foot and without the lift. The staff department gives the necessary inquiry faster if to come to employees personally instead of to bombard them by e-mail. Though if in your company of a smoking area are equipped on ladders use better the lift.
Take the vitamins registered by the doctor at work. Hold jars with capsules on a table — having a rest from the monitor you will come across them.

Interfere with the organisation of corporate holidays. When people celebrate something at work they go to the nearest supermarket and buy what? The packaged juice (the tinted sugar), sweet wine (as a rule the cheapest in packages), acid aerated water, order a pizza and spread cutting of so-called meat and fat cheeses on a table.

Find Internet shop with delivery in office and help the birthday man to generate the order which will not lead half of department to adiposity and a heart attack.

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Do not hesitate to prepare and take with itself something from the house.
Buy some minijars and fill in there refuelling that the salad prepared in the morning has not turned to a lump of slippery leaves. “Wet” vegetables (tomatoes for example) cut directly on work

Absence of stress is a part of a healthy way of life.
Use the lunch break for 100 percent. If you carry meal from the house or go for business lunches food process actually can occupy 10–20 minutes. Usually after that we gather and we run back in office and 40 minutes which have remained from agreed hour in the labour contract “burn down”. Spend them for walk.

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And never stop to gather more useful info. Today we are living in the world where information quickly enhances the quality of our life.

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