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Organism Purification. Is It A Necessity Or Not?

The human body consists of an order of 70 billion cells. Each cell in our organism constantly develops energy, allocates the fulfilled substances in intercellular space. All know that we on 75 % consist of water and only water can inform to a cell useful and deduce already fulfilled harmful substances from intercellular space. At normal functioning of the organism, the substances fulfilled by a cell are deduced with water from intercellular space through organs of secretory system (a liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract). However in a modern society the factors leading to development of various diseases meet even more often.

The possible reasons of disturbances in an organism:

The bionomics: daily the inhabitant of a large megacity receives “portion” of serious metals and toxins from the environment, accumulating in an organism and leading to chronic diseases.

Water: quality of tap water which many of us drink, cook on it food is the lowest. Water which should carry out detoxicating function in an organism carries in itself the harmful substances imperceptibly poisoning our organism. Even the filtration and a boiling of such water don’t eliminate all harmful toxic substances.

Meal: Sodium nitrites, pesticides, etc. the chemical substances consumed with nutrition, carry harm to our organism.

Way of life: irregular and improper feeding, sedentary work etc.

Medicines: the quantity of the accepted medicinal preparations having a considerable quantity of contraindications with the years increases.

One of principal causes of disturbances in an organism is irregular reception of the water, which shortage leads to rising of level of cholesterol in a blood, to narrowing of vessels, acidity rising in tissues, and also leads to metabolism disturbance …

Many of us satisfying thirst with sweet drinks, wrongly consider that receive together with them water and by that deceive the organism. A water disadvantage of a considerable quantity of illnesses can be provoked.

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It is proved by scientists that such drinks as juice, tea and beer, not to mention lemonades are for an organism as though “meal”, therefore an organism, taking away from them “nutritious” substances, deduces a liquid through secretory system. Therefore if you drink only such drinks it is time to think about health. Consider that you don’t drink water in general!

Shortage of water in an organism leads to metabolism disturbance and harmful toxic substances remain either in a cell or in intercellular space.

How to do organism purification?

Rich each cell of our organism with water!

In the course of purification of an organism water has a considerable quantity of sulfates (SO4), a hydro carbonate (HCO3), Magnesium (Mg2 +) and other bonds and minerals has complex effect on activization of process of vital activity in a cell, and also plays a role of detoxication in an organism. Thanks to pure mineral water there is fast, effective purgation without washing away of micro flora.

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