Weight Loss

Organism Purification And Weight Loss

In the first day it is possible to drink a vegetable broth, and also water, grassy and tea. That there was no excruciating feeling of hunger and a headache, it is recommended to clear an intestine, having accepted from 40 to 60 grams of magnesia dissolved in 200 ml of water. In 2,3,4 and 5th days of purification of an organism your “menu” won’t change.

Life style. Easy gymnastic exercises and slow walks lasting 2—3 hours are simply necessary for you. Don’t forget and about hydrotherapeutic procedures. The warm shower, pearl baths and a sauna will help an organism to be released from slags more intensively. If it is difficult to you to fall asleep, drink for the night warm broth from restful grasses.

Ending a starvation:

It is the most important part of process of purification of an organism. On duration it should be peer to starvation. During this period the majority of people get tired faster, feel drowsiness and giddiness. Doctors recommend to reduce in this case walks and to lie more.

A food ration begins with easy carbohydrate nutrition, then adds fibers (for example, sour-milk products) and in the latest turn — meat, fish and fats. Salt is better to exclude absolutely that there were no edemas. To begin with it is necessary to clear of a peel an apple. Eat it slowly, washing down with mineral water or grassy tea.

Next day it is possible to enter fresh apple juice (dilute it with mineral water 1:1) into the menu. In a vegetable broth add 200 grams of vegetable mashed potatoes. Portions should be small (100-200), and a food fractional — 5 times a day. In the evening together with soup it is authorized to eat a slice of the dried white loaf. Broths should be lungs (from porridge and semolina).

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As you have already understood dietary therapy is not fashionable addicting, it assumes serious medical approach. For example, doctors categorically don’t recommend doing this smoking people as there can be a serious poisoning of an organism with nicotine.

If you aren’t assured that for some days you can change the way of life and independently carry out all necessary procedures find medical institution or resort in which use this or that technique of organism purification.

Those who won’t venture 5-day starvation, it is possible to recommend other system of purification of an organism. Refuse from meal for a day once a week. Probably, it is necessary to wait for results more longly, but such system of purification of an organism is absolutely safe for health. Besides it is not required to change all habits considerably. During starvation pay special attention to water which you drink. It is better to use mineral water of a weak mineralization from natural sources.

It is realistic to become slim. Those who are searching for how to do that, should consider HCG. Of course there is a number of ways to reach the goal but if you require a natural one, look through HCG diet. This and much other related info on HCG can be found on this HCG site.

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