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ONADOTROPHIN CHORIONIC (HCG): Human Choriogonadotropin.

The majority of athletes accept HCG in the end of a steroid course, i.e. to provide for them the best transition to “natural trainings”. Slow and gradual reduction of a dose of a steroid is nevertheless the basic precondition. Though HCG very quickly leads to substantial increase of level of endogenous Testosterone, unfortunately, it is not panacea in struggle against loss of force and weight in the end of a steroid course.

The sportsman is subject here to the slowed down demolition. The American doctor Mauro Dee confirms also in the book “the Use of narcotics in amateur sports”:”Athletes use HCG for a softening of the negative phenomena appearing at the termination of reception of steroids, accepted long time.

These athletes consider that use of HCG will help them to restore faster Testosterone development in testicles and to get it to norm. But this opinion nevertheless is erroneous. “Though HCG also stimulates development of own Testosterone, it does not influence an arch «hypothalamus-pituitary body-testicles”and does not conduct to its restoration. After more or less long reception of steroids the hypothalamus and a pituitary body nevertheless are in dejectedness and remain in it and at reception of HCG since developed by an organism owing to exogenous entering in it HCG Testosteron-Depotum suppresses endogenous development LH (a luteinizing hormone).

And as soon as reception of HCG comes to an end, the athlete is compelled to pass through a restoration phase. Reception of HCG only defers this phase. Therefore skilled athletes often accept Dynericum at once after course of HCG, or begin a new steroid course. Some accept HCG only that at least two – three weeks to have a rest from steroids.

Many sportsmen of bodybuilding, unfortunately, still consider that HCG helps in preparation for competitions: does them more firmly in muscles, burns a hypodermic fatty tissue, showing that figure lines better.

The endurance from the book of doctor Robert Kerr “Practical application of anabolic steroids by athletes” eliminates any doubt: “In the instruction on application of HCG shortly also it is clearly told that HCG” does not render any influence on fat burning, appetite, feeling of hunger or fat distribution. “In it as it is specified that” HCG has proved to be absolutely useless preparation at treatment of adiposity and at all does not accelerate process of burning of fat at a diet “.

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At HCG there is one more quality to which it is necessary to pay attention: the preparation possesses two-phase influence. The American doctor William Taylor writes in the book “Anabolic steroids and athletes.”: “without dependence from accepted dose HCG leads to lifting of concentration passing in two phases of plasma-testosterone even after the one and only injection. The first peak of this lifting of level of plasma- testosterone comes approximately 2 hours later after an injection, the second – follows later 48 – 96 hours after an injection.

During this time the average level of it raises, thus the height of peaks and Testosterone average level depends, judging by various doctrines, from a dose of the entered preparation”.

Thus a question only in the correct dosage, allows receiving high level of Testosterone, but as neither in scientific, nor in the medical literature there no indicating on application of HCG by athletes, we can proceed only from experience reasons.

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