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ONADOTROPHIN CHORIONIC (HCG): Human Choriogonadotropin: Side Effects

At reception of HCG there can be same by-effects, as at Testosterone Depotum reception. At the raised development of Testosterone level of estrogens raises also the gynecomastia (growth of mammary glands). At the man appreciable growth of a breast is observed.

Far looking athletes combine HCG with anti-estrogens. Athletes speak even about more frequent occurrence of an erection and about the raised sex interest. In high doses the preparation can become the reason of acne and also the accumulation reason in an organism of water and mineral salts.

It is necessary to pay attention first of all to last of told since the water clump can lead in turn to baggy, watery muscles. Athletes who make the injection of HCG can face the raised accumulation of water in an organism and with the feminization phenomena (a gynecomastia, tendency to corpulence on hips) since high level of Testosterone is dangerous: Testosterone has high degree of convertibility in female sexual hormones – estrogens.

At very young athletes HCG, as well as anabolic steroids however, can lead to premature end of growth of a bone, as a result – small growth. One of such by-effects to whom it is necessary to pay attention is the Interesting aspect which involves wrong application of this preparation consists in that men, at last, notice once that feel, as if pregnant women, since. Start to suffer completeness, vomiting, morning faintness, i.e. all symptoms which usually women feel…

HCG is considered besides an inadmissible dope in competitions and on it are spent a dope – controls. And this HCG which should enlarge level of own Testosterone, was accepted in practice often in the doses exceeding 3000 m. As have found out that at similar rising of Testosterone by means of HCG critical indicator Т/Е-Quotient hardly changes also the doping control are afraid there is nothing. “HCG and already described Dynericum – possibilities to rising of concentration of endogenous Testosterone at which it is not observed distinct influence on parity Т/Е.

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The form of release HCG is unusual also. The operating substance choriogonadotropin represents white, similar to a powder substance. In such kind the substance is easily scattered and can make impression of smaller volume. But it has no value. The phenomenon is bound neither to substance damage, nor with term of its influence. In each packing on ampoule HCG there is an ampoule of an injection solution which represents isotonic solution of chloral sodium. This liquid joins an ampoule with HCG and mixes up with a dry substance. The solution is ready to an injection and should be entered there and then intramuscularly. The rests are stored in a refrigeration cabinet. But it is not necessary to store not admixed preparations in a refrigerator. You can store it in a dark place at temperature more low +25.

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