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ONADOTROPHIN CHORIONIC (HCG): Human Choriogonadotropin, Or In Abbreviated Form HCG…

Human choriogonadotrophin, or in abbreviated form HCG (Gonadotrophin) is not an anabolic/androgenic steroid, but natural protein hormone which is formed in a placenta of the pregnant woman.

It possesses luteinizing qualities since corresponds forming in a forward share of a pituitary body to a luteinizing hormone. In the first 6 – 8 weeks of pregnancy formed HCG do possible further development of estrogens and gestagen in body. Development of these two hormones in the placenta as a result begins. HCG extract from urine of pregnant women since it in an invariable kind arrives from a blood in kidneys.

It is available on sale and HCG represents a dry substance and it is intended both for women, and for men. To women injection of HCG facilitates an ovulation since it comes into effect at the moment of maturing of an ootid. It promotes development of estrogens.

And still especially athletes are interested in this preparation; the reason is that exogenous HCG possesses almost same qualities, as a luteinizing hormone (LH), which as it was already told, formed in a pituitary body.

At men the luteinizing hormone stimulates sex cells in testicles and strengthens development of androgenic hormones (Testosterone). Therefore injection of HCG is used by sportsmen for the strengthened development of Testosterone. HCG is used here more often in a combination with anabolic/androgenic steroids, namely or in the end, or in the middle of treatment. As it was already repeatedly mentioned, oral and injection steroids cause after some period of their reception effect of “feedback”.

There is an influence on an arch “hypothalamus-pituitary body-testicles” since steroids send to a hypothalamus a false signal. The hypothalamus transmits in a pituitary body a signal about reduction or the full termination of development of follicular-stimulating hormone and a luteinizing hormone. Testosterone level decreases, since Testosterone sex cells of testicles stop producing it and are stimulated with a luteinizing hormone insufficiently. As in norm time is necessary for an organism to normalize process of development of Testosterone, for the athlete after the termination of reception of a steroid preparation there comes very difficult transitive phase which very often passes with appreciable loss of force and masses.

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Reception o f HCG it is immediate in process of the termination of a steroid course helps to return testicles in their initial condition, including also their size. Time injections of HCG during reception of steroids can prevent an atrophy of testicles so many athletes accept HCG in the middle of the treatment by steroids in a current 2 – 3 weeks.

It is noticed that just at this time the athlete reaches the best successes concerning mass and force. It speaks that, on the one hand, the sportsman has high level of own Testosterone owing to application of HCG also on the other hand is observed high concentration of anabolically operating substances in a blood owing to application of steroids. Many sportsmen of bodybuilding and power lifting tell also about depression of sex interest in the end of a serious cycle of trainings, shortly before both right after competitions and especially in the end of a steroid course.

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