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Not All Diets Are Good: The Program Of Weigh Loss That Should Not Be Shared With Anybody.

The program of treatment of excess weight which should not be shared: What is it?

What is the Program of treatment of excess weight that should not be shred among people that want to lose weight? According to Kevin Trudeo’s theory, the author of a diet and a commercial star, it is a complex of injections, laxative, pills, and the list of organic products which will transform your organism to “a fat burning car”. Trudeo asserts that the offered program promotes prevention of diabetes, a cancer, chronic weariness and adiposity.

It is the three-phase program. In the first phase the people, keeping to a diet are switched to an organic diet with the long list it “is impossible” also very short list of admissible products. The people, keeping to a diet begin procedures on purgation, a liver and other nonconventional procedures which as it is supposed, clean and rejuvenate body to prepare it for losing weight.

The second phase is a growing thin phase, and includes daily injections HCG – a human chorionic gonadotrophin, a hormone found in urine of pregnant women. This aspect of the program usually causes disputes among experts as injections of HCG are not approved by a policy of public health services of the USA. Scientific researches have shown that HCG injections do not promote losing weight, and regulating actions of the Federal Trading Commission and Management on control of medical products and medicine; this organization has suspended their use in the United States.

In the third phase HCG injections stop. But procedures of organism clearing proceed, recommended with the offered menu from exclusively organic sources. The third phase is a final phase of purification which is intended for clearing of kidneys and a liver, and detoxicating.
First seven chapters of Programs of treatment of excess weight which nobody wants to share, are devoted the prospective theory of endocrinology. Trudeo asserts that “excess weight treatment” chokes with the American Medical Association, FDA, and “other medical institutions worldwide” as the companies making medical products intentionally hide from Americans information for the purpose of material benefit from preparations and surgery. The author who has the medical diploma, the diploma in a dietary food, is very successful businessman who has promoted on trade in preparations for natural treatment by means of commercials and books. It is necessary to notice that Trudeo had numerous problems with the law, including penalties and a previous conviction for theft.

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Now, the federal Trading Commission limits its right of use of commercials. In October 2007, the federal Trading Commission has accused Trudeo of granting of the deformed information in commercials which assert that the plan “does not provide any restrictions in meal and it is possible to eat all favorite products”.

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