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Night Shifts And Obesity

Do you know everything that somehow touches the field of weight loss? In reality, there might be several weight loss tricks that you are unlikely to hear about them. For example, have you ever heard that wine includes less fat than mineral water? I understand that it might sound far-fetched, but it is still true. This especially relates to women who want to get relaxed after stressful working day with the help of a glass of wine. Logically, those people who can drink something cannot suffer from obesity in comparison with those who cannot stand even an odor of alcohol. Besides, it was scientifically proven that those women who used to drink red wine have more attractive shapes than those who are mineral-water-drinkers. Actually, these results were taken from the study and an experiment where about 20,000 women took part. I must admit that this a bit contradicts the pieces of advice of different nutritionists who claim that it is better not to give preferences to alcoholic drinks. Moreover, it is worth pointing out that the calories driven from alcohol have smaller effect on weight in comparison with the calories taken from food staff. If to take some popular theory, the livers of people who drink on a regular basis are able to develop quite different metabolic rout to break down the alcohol. Speaking about the extra energy, it is likely to convert into heat rather than fat. But this might be applied only to red wine than to other beverages. In actual fact, those women who adore beer and shorts tend to suffer from obesity and other weight disorders.

Secondly, have you ever heard if you eat at night, you can gain much weight? There is some other contradiction to the doctors’ talks. It is not a secret that the majority of nutritionists have the viewpoint that the timing is not important for the weight loss. They often claim that the total amount of calories is the most essential issue. But if to analyze the results of an investigation, it becomes vivid that people who eat at night gain two times much weight. It seems to me that this definitely is worth our attention. Interestingly, the scientists studied 2 groups of women, where one team was taking at normal hours of the day while another should eat late at night. Actually, I hope you have guessed the final outcome. Of course, those eating at nigh gained more kilos in comparison with so-called “traditional eaters”. Remarkably, this is the only reason why those who are doing night shifts are likely to suffer from obesity. The thing is that they are likely to eat at night mostly. So be aware of night shift job!

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