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Negative Eating Habits – Stop Eating From Habit, Listen To Your Body And Eat When You Are Hungry

The main thing that you should bear in mind when following a natural diet is eating when you are hungry. Nonetheless, due to the fact that eating satisfies our emotional hunger together with our physical needs, it can be very difficult to eat only when we feel hungry. Thus it is important to find other ways to cope with emotional issues so you can abandon the habit of eating food to comfort your emotions. If you replace it with other useful restoring options, you will see that food is no longer your main focus. Thus, if you are not hungry you will not think about eating.

First of all, you should be able to define when you are actually hungry. If you have done this, we will get to know the difference between true physical hunger and desire to meet an emotional need. Personally I determined that I am hungry, in the whole, every two or three hours.

This assumes listening to your body so that you can feel hunger actually. The first thing that you should do is to ask yourself: “Am I really hungry?” Then allow yourself to listen. Often we are just overwhelmed by our tasks at work or with household obligations, and we often do not notice that we are hungry until we notice that we are starving. At this phase it is very late because you are very hungry and at such moments you want to eat something, it does not matter what. Thus, you are more inclined to do the wrong choice and you are more likely to overeat to satisfy your hunger fast.

If you do not learn to listen to your body, and make it a habit, it is vital to have a kind of trigger that will remind you to intentionally notice when you feel empty. These are some recommendations:

• A reminder on your PC

• An alarm on your mobile phone

• If your watch has an alarm, you can use it as well

You will not always feel hungry every time but at least you have given yourself a chance to notice. By doing that you will understand the feeling of hunger.

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When you have set what the early phases of hunger feels like, you can react on it at once by taking a selection of your favourite foods with you. This will ensure that you will eat something that you like and not something that is available at this moment.

Well, through listening to your body you have determined what “real” hunger feels like to you. In accordance, if you come to your fridge when you are not hungry, you can give yourself a chance to do something else instead. You can ask yourself “What’s happening? Do I really want to it now?” Very often we eat because we feel sad, frustrated, angry or disappointed. When you have clarified the reason, try to understand the emotion and find something positive to do instead. These are some recommendations:

• Have a bath
• Go for a walk
• Call a friend
• Read a book
• Switch on music
• Practice positive affirmations

Such ideas suggest you something else to do instead of craving for food. Treat yourself in a good way and do something nice for yourself. Gradually, you will see that these things have become habitual and you will not be focused on food anymore.

If you reached the stage when weight loss is an important issue – then you need to learn how to lose weight fast.

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