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Motivation And Weight Loss – The Biggest Key To Weight Loss Success

Nowadays obesity is a very popular problem. Most people in the developed countries of the world are concerned with it. And the weight loss industry makes large amounts of money. There is one secret to effective weight loss and it is motivation.

Weight loss plans, physical workouts and healthy foods are vital for effective weight loss. But if you do not have the proper motivation, all your plans will fail. Your excess pounds will definitely come back again. But the problem is that it is not so easy to evoke motivation. And which is more difficult, it is to maintain it. In the very beginning of a diet plan everybody is motivated.

You attend a gym, buy much fruits and vegetables. You buy weight loss supplements and promise yourself that this time you will definitely lose weight at any cost. And then keep it off. But after a few days you understand that you go on eating the same way. And you do not have time for gym anymore. Instead you spend your free time on the couch.

There is some good news, you can easily find motivation for weight loss. Actually, not easy but simple. You just have to set a realistic goal and build a plan, reward yourself for success and forgive the mistakes. Just to stay motivated, you should have a goal. It is not enough to say that you are going to lose weight or to adopt healthy eating habits or to go to the gym every day.

You should be specific. Write down your goal. Be determined to it. For example, I want to lose 1 – 3 pounds per week, for the next months, until I can reach my ideal weight of X”. You should remind yourself of that goal every day.
Then, you should reward yourself every time for reaching your goals. If you are going to lose 100 pounds and you have managed to lose just one, it is not very much, but it is ok. If you have melted one pound last week, you have reached your goal. You can reward yourself with something other than food. Only you can choose what the reward should be. It does not have to be much, especially for the minor goals. Perhaps just allowing yourself and extra 10 minutes for a pleasant walk or do not wash the dishes that day.

After you have met your weekly goal for a month, perhaps you can buy yourself a new dress. Look for a size that would not fit you before. It is your choice. Bear in mind that you should reward yourself with something that will not collapse your weight loss plan.

At last, it is a big one, you should forgive yourself. Perhaps you put on some extra pounds this weak or you could not resist the sweets.

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You should acknowledge this and let it go. Many people see extra pounds and they do not believe that they can reach success and they just give up the undertaking. And the next thing they know, they have 10 more pounds. Just think about it.

Bear in mind that little mistakes should be acknowledge and forgotten. Regard the fact that you acknowledged the mistake as motivation that you are improving in your commitment.

If you can carry on the cycle of motivation, reward, goal and forgiveness, you will see better results in any weight loss diet or weight loss plan that you have chosen. Without the motivation, you will definitely fail.
Set your realistic goals starting from this moment. Jot down what exactly you want to accomplish. And then start reaching it. Do not forget to reward yourself for your success. So, motivation is the main secret of any effective weight loss.

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