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Modern Techniques Of Balanced Eating

Today has finished the series of long-term (20-40 years) observations over the big groups of people according to interrelation of body mass and mortality. It has been shown that thin people with a the body index less than 20 much earlier (for 12-14 years) and more often, than people with superfluous mass of a body (Index 25-29,9) die of cardiovascular and oncologic diseases, and also chronic illnesses of lungs.

The minimum case rate and the greatest life expectancy become perceptible at people with Index 23-25. It, with high degree of probability, is bound by that the fatty tissue, under the new scientific data, synthesizes some hormones (in particular, estrogens – female sexual hormones) and other biologically active substances promoting preventive maintenance of specified diseases and the prevention of an early mortality.

And it is valid; it is proved that at women with the superfluous mass of a body which are not reaching the sizes of adiposity, the cancer of a mammary gland and an osteoporosis develop much less. The superfluous mass of a body without adiposity doesn’t render negative influence on indicators fatty and carbohydrate metabolism and also on arterial pressure at almost healthy men and women. And even the foreign insurance companies in the end of the XX-th century ascertained the least indicators of a mortality among those people at whom the body mass exceeded present western norm (index 18,5) for 10 percent.

Index of body mass can be found using the formula: the weight in kgs needs to be parted on growth in meters squared.

Example: your weight is 60 kg, growth – 1,70 m. 1. We square growth: 1,70х1,70=2,89; 2. Weight we divide on received in a square height:60:2,89=20,76… Your index is 20,76. Thus, it is better to be chubby and happy, than thin and unfortunate.

Products can be harmful and useful:

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There is no foodstuff absolutely harmful or absolutely useful. All depends not only on “dose”, as, for example, at application of medicines, but also on ways of culinary processing, features of use, a state of health, age and many other factors. We take, for example, milk that is one of the basic sources of calcium. Without it simply not to manage to children who have an intensive growth of bones, to pregnant women, a woman after 50 at which is the osteoporosis. At the same time many adults transfer milk badly: often with the years of activity of enzyme of the lactase splitting carbohydrates of milk causes disturbance of digestion of milk. What to do? It is necessary to use milk products in which lactose, and fibers of milk were already split by sour-milk microorganisms, that is to consume kefir, curdled milk, cottage cheese, cheese.

The majority of crude vegetables and fruit can’t be used at a peptic ulcer of a stomach and an acute gastritis. And how about vitamin C, alimentary fibers? It is necessary to use boiled vegetables, scrubbed berries and fruit without a peel.

It is absolutely realistic to become slim. Those who are looking for how to do that, should introduce themselves to HCG. It goes without saying that there is a number of ways to achieve the goal but if you need a natural one, look through HCG diet. This and lots of other additional info on HCG can be found on this HCG site.

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