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Milk Consumption: Pros And Contras

Your food ration should be stable. If you are already 40 years old and you drink till now integral cow milk, I recommend excluding it from a food ration gradually. It is authorized no more than one glass of milk a day. The matter is that the organism of the adult person very badly acquires integral cow milk as in the course of time in a gastro enteric tract of the person there is no enzyme of lactose for splitting of milk Saccharin.

And at the constant consumption of milk the dysbacteriosis gradually develops, and casein (milk fiber) promotes formation of stones in kidneys. It is known also that excessive consumption of milk causes such diseases, as a vitiligo, “night blindness”, palpitation. Many consider that if to drink more milk the problem of deficiency of calcium in an organism will be solved. Such opinion is erroneous.

Fanatical consumption of milk has brought more complications to baby food, than advantage, the author of some proceedings the American doctor Harold Lynch considers. It is established that whole milk is a source of a considerable quantity of the sated fats (cholesterol) which excessive use leads to an atherosclerosis.

Unlike cow, the goat milk has variety of advantages: raises fastness of an organism to infections, normalizes a cholesterol exchange, i.e. possesses anti sclerotic action. In the goat milk there are a lot of calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper. Under the maintenance of vitamin A it twice surpasses the cow milk, in carotene – in 3 times,in vitamin C – in 1,5 times, and under the maintenance of nicotinic acid (РР) – in 3 times. Calcium and phosphorus presence does its especially useful to children with rachitic signs.

And, thanks to the moderate maintenance of milk Saccharin (lactose) it is better than the cow milk, the people who are suffering an intestine inflation transfer can also consume goat milk. This product enriches an organism with high-grade fibers, fats, mineral salts and vitamins.

The goat milk is useful for the patients who have transferred a myocardial infarction. At the raised aero genesis milk should be drunk half-and-half with tea or in the form of curdled milk. It is better to drink milk after didymous without a boiling as goats aren’t ill with a tuberculosis. It is especially useful for children, suffering gastro enteric diseases and an allergy. The goat milk treats thyroid gland diseases, a mastopathy.

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It serves in many cases as a prophylactic against tumors, renders a positive effect at diseases of respiratory tracts, tuberculosis, eczema, an irradiation. It use at a hyperoxemia, a stomach ulcer, a migraine, a colitis, illnesses of a liver, a gall bladder, an arthritis. If the cow milk forms a lot of slime in a blood the goat doesn’t form it in general.

One more important point – many women have problems with natural feeding of the child. The goat milk here again will help. Albuminous and fatty globules in it have fine-grained structure, therefore it is easily acquired by an organism, and children from trimensual age can already drink didymous goat milk. The adult a day can drink more glasses, children from 1 year till 12th years – 100 grams.

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