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Men’s And Women’s Cellulite

According to the statistical data cellulite disturb more than 90 % of women of the majority of the developed countries. According to the majority of the dermatologists this condition develops only at the women however some doctors challenge this position.

We surveyed 310 patients (167 women and 143 men) at the age from 17 till 46 years. As a result of inspection clinical signs of a cellulites at 127 (76 %) women, adiposity of different severity level at 15 (9 %) women and at 21 (14 %) men are revealed. Thus, only adiposity has been diagnosed for 12 % of women with cellulites, as accompanying disease. Thus men with clinical signs of cellulites both at suffering adiposity and with a normal index of weight of a body it has not been revealed.

Results of the numerous researches confirmed that cellulites presence exclusively at women and also pay our attention to absence of direct interrelation between adiposity and presence of signs of cellulites. So at 112 (67 %) patients with cellulites the index of weight of a body corresponded to norm.

In the scientific literature allocate three major factors, promoting cellulites formation: the hormonal, alimentary and vascular factor.

The interrelation between cellulites and a fatty fabric provides a constancy of weight of a body. The special place in a chain of this interaction is taken away leptin. The important role takes away also to infringement of a metabolism of female sexual hormones (an estrogen, prolaktin) which misbalance leads to braking of an exchange of fats.

It explains that fact why most often the cellulites develops at women in the periods of the greatest hormonal changes such as the puberty period (sharp splash in an estrogen) second half of pregnancy (anabolic processes) and at climax.

Significant influence on cellulites formation belongs to a maintenance misbalance in the adrenaline blood making active a fatty exchange by means of influence on beta-adreno receptors and also noradreline which influencing an alpha-adrenoretseptory blocks. An alpha – and beta-adreno receptors are distributed in regular intervals enough in organism fabrics, but as it has appeared, women of beta receptors have not enough in the field of “riding breeches”, but it is a lot of in the field of the person and a breast, than and the fastest weight loss of this area speaks.

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The fatty fabric possesses the greatest ability to increase the volume in comparison with other fabrics of a body. The unbalanced diet or a superfluous food strengthens production of fats. The increase in fatty cages leads to microcirculation deterioration, development of oxygen starvation and a hypostasis of fabrics.

Infringement of blood-groove is observed on all phases of development of cellulites. The difficulty of venous outflow and limphostaz in the field of cellulites formation promotes increase in capillary permeability, dot hemorrhages that lead to a hypostasis hypodermically-fatty of cages, to microcirculation infringement, development of oxygen starvation, and infringement of a metabolism of collagen fibres and to braking of an exchange of fats.

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