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Main Principles Of A Diet At Pregnancy

The pregnancy and diet problem is reduced as a whole to one – a food of the pregnant woman should be correct! After all she answers now is not only for the adult body which has got used to transfer different deprivations but for fragile development of an organism of the kid sensitive literally to all. Therefore it is very important what it is necessary to eat, how many and how often. And within the limits of a diet at pregnancy the answer to a question will be formed how to receive all useful and to avoid harmful and unnecessary that the kid was born healthy and mum has kept strong teeth and beautiful hair.

Main principle of a diet at pregnancy is moderation in a food which thus should remain various and qualitative. Many think that it is necessary to eat more than earlier if you eat for two persons. It is not so, and the feeling of weight in a stomach badly affects the child. Other principles of a diet at pregnancy are in many respects similar that are recommended for each healthy person. The food needs to be accepted in time in order it is better processed and acquired, and a normal interval between food intakes should be about 4-5 hours. But it is not necessary to eat without desire, after all the meal is well acquired only in the presence of appetite. Also it is not necessary to accept food right after awakenings and less than 2-3 hours prior to a withdrawal to a dream.

The diet should include a lot of vegetables, fruit, berries in a natural kind. But it is necessary to limit yourself in the refined food, canned food and the products containing dyes. Influence of preservatives and dyes on fruit development isn’t studied yet completely. Also it is desirable to exclude fried, salty and sweet food. The excessive use of glucose can lead to obesity, will create predisposition at the child to a diabetes. Salt slows down a metabolism. And you will make a mistake having used pregnancy as the reason to pass to unusual food.

The diet at pregnancy should consist of traditional dishes in your life, differently the exotic fruit. And instead of a considerable quantity a tangerine and oranges, the cabbage and a cranberry, the Bulgarian pepper and even a nettle fresh perfectly will approach.

The diet at pregnancy should be strictly balanced. 100-120 gramme of fibers in day, 70-90 gramme of an animal origin, that is milk, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, meat, fish, they are invariably useful sour-milk drinks (kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt). The requirement for fats during pregnancy makes 80-100 gramme. Carbohydrates in a diet of the pregnant woman should be no more than 350-400 gramme a day.

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