Lower Your Cholesterol With Special Foods.

Thank God there are foods that can really lower our human cholesterol. So maintaining a reasonable level of cholesterol is quite a real thing. By the way I advise you to imagine your car engine. Certainly it will require repairs soon such as replacing piston rings, valves and so on. But in this case everything is quite easy because you only need to phone the repairman and the rest of things can’t be your concern here. But your body filled with cholesterol is another matter because very often it might be too late to call the doctor. As follows from this it’s up to you to provide your body with a corresponding “service maintenance” on time. In other words you should monitor your diet to prevent your cholesterol growth.

For your better understanding the real impact of cholesterol on your body I can point out to the following fact. So to cut a long story short cholesterol is known as an oily substance. I should say that it resembles a sort of used oil. This cholesterol is the important fatty acid and its duty is to regulate your hormonal levels.

By the way cholesterol is produced by the liver just like vitamins are made within your body. But if you start sticking to a diet based on saturated fats, then you’ll increase the levels of your cholesterol to unreasonable levels.

I really advise you to eat apples and avocados especially if you like to cope with consequences of your previous eating junk fries and burgers. By the way exactly apples are full of antioxidants which can successfully fight this excessive cholesterol, thus giving a positive impact on you health. As for avocados I can only say that they do the same though with a little twist to it.
Avocados also absorb excessive amount of your cholesterol. I advise you to combine apples and avocados to chase excessive cholesterol in your body more efficiently. In this case there’s no need for you to worry about any side effects because they are absent.

By the way all the fibers are considered to be effective “anti-cholesterol weapon”. You shouldn’t doubt in this evident fact of course. I really advise you to eat bread made of whole wheat for your breakfast. Don’t forget about oats and a glass of tasty fresh orange juice. In such a way you can remove fats from your arteries. In fact you can also try a lemon diet which is also effective. This diet is composed of lemonade as a sort of substitution for orange juice because sometimes this orange can really get your bored. So as you can see high level of cholesterol is very dangerous for you so you should do your best to monitor and reduce on time the level of this substance in your body.

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