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Low Carb Diet Programs – Weight-Loss Vs Fat Loss

Those who have tried low carb diet programs, such as Atkins diet plan, will tell you that they had great weightloss results when they stood on the bathroom scales. They seemed to lose plenty of weight quickly and so they were pleased – for a while.

Once they stop their low carb diet, the weight seems to pile right back on again. They also found they craved many of the foods they weren’t permitted to eat while on those low carb diets.

This causes them to begin the cycle all over again, cutting down on carbohydrates like bread, potato, rice and pasta and increasing their protein and fat intake. This type of high protein low carbohydrate diet plan helps them to shed more pounds on the scales all over again. Yet it always comes right back as soon as they end the diet. And nobody enjoys being on the diet roller coaster.

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

When you begin a high protein low carb diet plan, your body begins to get rid of the fluid you’ve been retaining. Losing fluid weight can mean your scales show you an excellent outcome for your weight loss efforts and therefore you think you are doing really well.

Unfortunately, your body may also begin to burn energy in a different way. You see, even when you are inactive your body must utilize energy to keep your brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and other fundamental organs working properly. That energy is made by burning calories.

If your body begins to recognize that you’re restricting carbs, it will begin using a more rapidly burning energy supply. This comes from protein – or from the muscles.

The more time you continue on a low carb diet, the more muscle mass is lost. Muscle is much more dense than fat, so it tends to weigh a bit more. Whenever you stand on the bathroom scales, you start to think you’re losing weight.

Unfortunately, you are losing water and muscle. You are not losing those fat supplies around your body. This is the principle reason why you usually put all that weight right back on again if you end your low carb diet.

Your Bathroom Scales Are Lying To You

Did you know that if you gained 5 pounds of muscle mass, your mirror would indicate that your body appears like it’s dropped ten pounds of saggy fat? Your bathroom scales would show you that you’ve lost no weight whatsoever, however you’d have lost an entire dress-size.

The reason for this is that muscle is denser than fat. It takes up less space. So five pounds of muscle is leaner slimmer and far less bulky than 5 pounds of fat.

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The quantity of water your body retains is also a huge factor in your weight-loss efforts. When you start some of the more popular low carbohydrate diets, such as Atkins diet or the Ketogenic diet, you will shed lots of that excess fluid.

As you can see, excessive low carbohydrate dieting could be counter productive. It can also be downright dangerous as it may lead to dizziness and fainting. Just imagine that happening while you were driving!

I am not suggesting that cutting down on carbs is a bad idea. But it must be done sensibly. The fact is that a lot of people in countries where obesity is a growing issue (i.e. The US, UK, Australia etc) often consume far too many carbs in the form of sweet snacks and refined foods, sugar of course being the simplest form of carbohydrate! So cutting down on carb consumption can be healthy provided care is taken. It is okay to cut back on bread, potato, rice and pasta, but do not limit vegetables and fruit as these provide complex carbs, vitamins, minerals and fiber that our body needs for optimal functioning.

If you do wish to cut back on the amount of carbs you eat, there are plenty of low carb goods obtainable. Alternatively, you can sometimes make your own. One of our principal supplies of carbs is bread so take a look at the recipes in this post about low carb bread

Furthermore, it’s also important that any diet be accompanied by a daily exercise program. Doctors typically advise 30 minutes of exercise per day. This exercise will help to ensure that muscle tone isn’t lost. It will even increase the muscle content of your body which will improve your metabolism given that muscle needs more energy to maintain itself than fat does. This alone will help you to reach your weightloss goals.

Instead of severely restricting your carbohydrate consumption, why not moderately reduce your food consumption and increase the quantity of water you drink each day instead? If you drink more water, you’re increasing your metabolism. Your kidneys begin to flush out any of the fluid you’ve been storing and after a few days your bathroom scales will begin to illustrate that you’re losing weight quickly.

So before you begin that low carbohydrate diet you’ve heard so many good things about, consider carefully about what you really want. Are you aiming at temporary weight loss on those scales, or do you think you’re aiming at long-term, healthy weight loss that’s permanent?

One excellent food to reduce your carb consumption is an amazing noodle which has been eaten in Asia over two thousand years. In Japan this noodle is called Shirataki noodle, konnyaku or konjac noodle. In China they are known as Moyu or Juruo noodles. These noodles are created from a mix of water and 100% soluble fiber. Because the body is incapable of converting fiber into energy, the noodles are effectively calorie free. Not only are they carb and calorie free but they are really filling. For more info visit calorie free foods

Just understand that extremely low carb diet programs might seem to cause rapid weightloss, but most of the weight loss is water and muscle tone. So rather than selecting low carbohydrate diets, decrease both carb and fat consumption an increase exercise

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