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Low-calorie Eating Out Of Your Home.

It is hard to say that nourishment in restaurants, hotels and while traveling is dietary or just organized. What do we often eat while traveling? Sandwiches, buns and sweets and in the end we eat our fill in a restaurant in a hotel. And this won;t bring anything good to your body and health. There are some recommendations that can help you to save your prudence and to eat moderately even in the most unpredictable situations.

In a restaurant:

* Choosing a protein dish, give your preferences to grilled meat. These dishes are delicious and aromatic despite on a small amount of fat. A good choice is grilled meat or fish. Bu do not take anything that is fried in pastry and is also made with a large amount of carbohydrate products (potato, rice, pasta) and fats, as starch absorbs fat extremely well and this increases fat content in a dish.

* Side dish. Choose vegetables with a slice of bread or a small amount of starch. But avoid vegetables made with a large amount of oil, cheese or fat dressing. Salad dressings in restaurants are very fat as a rule. Do not “shower” a salad with a dressing, just sprinkle it a bit. But if you are brought a dressed salad, do not eat all the portion — fat thanks to its high-calorie will let you to stay full for a longer time.

* If you have chosen a garnish that contains carbohydrates, do not eat bread.

* Refuse from dessert. Although desserts are not high-calorie (100-200 large calories in one portion), it would be superfluous to eat a dessert in addition with a substantial meal, so you will overeat and gain weight. If you are full, do not eat anything, in other case eat fruits.

On streets:

* Do not eat foods that are sold in stalls: hot-dogs, chips etc. These foods contain much calories. If you are very hungry eat a small portion and take it for a separate meal (i.e. eat instead of a meal but not before it)

* Do not eat sweets on your way. If you want something cool and refreshing, drink cold mineral water or eat fruit ice instead of ice-cream

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* If you want to have a bite, do not eat chips, cookies or nuts. Although a small packet won;t spoil your figure, regular eating of these “small packets” more than a usual norm of calories will bring you to gaining weight fast.

In transport:

* Take care of what you are eating in a train in advance. Take a box of dietary products. Thus you will avoid overeating as you will not be limited of a menu in a restaurant car.

* In a plane a meal usually consists of standard, not large portions as a rule. If there is a cake or other sweets in a meal, do not eat them. Do not eat bread and do not drink high-calorie beverages.

And you should remember that in any situation self discipline is the most important. Your diet will be successful if you stay self disciplined.

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