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You don’t keep to a diet from time to time, but it is your constant life style. In sports hall you are known as the habitué, in your house is a full arsenal of dumbbells, weighting compounds and other attributes of struggle for smartness. Nevertheless symmetry of forms remains so inaccessible. So what to do?

Excessive fanaticism

Any of us who is starting struggle against excess weight, wants to achieve result faster and obvious. Paradox, but a principle “eat less” more often becomes the failure reason. As sharp restriction in nutrients only at the initial stage can please with digits weight balances, but further what you get is the only disappointment. The organism will pass in an economy effort and will start, on the contrary, “to do stocks”. Besides, having adjusted on ideal performance of the planned program, you, most likely, will throw it at the slightest deviation from rules: “Why should I continue it if it does not work?”

The comment of the dietarian:

The keystone to success of any diet is how much comfortably you will feel at its observance. Naturally, at all different the day regimen, habits, therefore will approach someone a separate food, to someone fractional, etc. the Main thing is that the chosen regimen met three demands. The first – was high-grade (that is from it weren’t excluded neither fibers, nor carbohydrates, even fats!), the second – on caloric content didn’t exceed 1500 kcal, and the third – it was observed constantly. Therefore there will be nothing terrible if you, before to be defined with a diet, “will rehearse” the chosen variants at least for two days. Having stopped on one of variants, observe it, but without superfluous fanaticism. If, for example, you eat a high-calorie dessert on a holiday it is not necessary to act rashly. Hardly will it be somehow reflected on a figure.

Evening or night appetite

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Do not eat after 6 pm is one of the most popular interdictions, but thus, it is necessary to tell, and one of the most conditional. After all the easy supper, say, or even nearby 7 or 8 pm won’t do much harm. And under condition of the working day it is also necessary to eat something. However the tea drinking subsequent to it with something tasty (what insignificant it wouldn’t seem) won’t be entered in one dietary power supply system, not to mention night adventures to a refrigeration. Such habit will bring to nothing all your efforts in struggle against excess weight even if during the day you will strictly follow all rules of a diet.

The comment of the dietarian

To overcome evening appetite, first of all it is important to establish its reason. And it as practice shows is not a true hunger. Actually in an organism still it is enough nutrients and desire something to chew starts with our head.

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