Weight Loss

Losing Weight Properly And Correctly

If you want competently to plan your food ration, the dietarian needs to present the whole list of diagnostic indicators and in this case multipurpose diagnostic inspection will help.

Meal perhaps is unique universal medicine. The necessary products in the necessary quantity help to struggle with all kinds of different illnesses and to result weight in ideal parameters, and to feel in yourself forces and desires. And the skilled dietitian can only make such curative ration after scrupulous medical examination.

Before to make you personal food allowance of correct losing weight the dietarian explain that the dietarian should find out the reason augmentation of weight of the patient and the diseases bound to it that may be the cause of the disturbance of a metabolism. Only in 10 % of cases mass escalating occurs because of a hyper alimentation.

In the rest of cases it happens because of the result of failures in work of orgas and also dygestive systems. At many people these deviations with metabolism and organs, like kidneys are accompanied by other problems. Therefore, often the dietarian works in a tandem with this or that profile doctor. These experts will help you without serious consequences, without having harmed your organism to lose weight correctly and in short terms.

Thus the dietitian not only will auscultate to complaints, but also asks about other important living conditions, about character and a diet, hereditary predispositions of the patient, and will gets acquainted with your medical history. And if it is necessary – prescribes additional analyses of a blood: the general, on biochemistry, on hormones and other inspections.

Certainly, to run through all these laboratories there is no special desire. Therefore dietarians try to arm with the newest diagnostic techniques which represents mini laboratory in an office of the doctor.They use a new multipurpose technique. What is it? the Device allowing without a blood sampling in a current of 30 minutes to obtain the data on 117 parameters of vital activity of a human body and other indicators, and also will define cellular structure of an organism, quantity of fat, a liquid, muscular mass and other indicators giving the chance to estimate a condition and working capacity of different organs and systems of the person.

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It makes measurements by means of 5 microprocessors attached to a body of the person in different points. Their data is read out by the computer program which gives out to the surface the impressive list of laboratory “indicators”.

In parallel such portable machine counts “ideal” indicators for your organism that is exactly to what it is necessary to aspire in the course of treatment of losing weight properly. At each subsequent measurement the doctor can observe changes of analyses and parameters and by that to fix success of treatment.

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