Weight Loss

Losing Weight Fast, What It Foresees?

Consider. Even at very intensive training power consumption seldom exceeds 900 calories in an hour. And it is an equivalent a maximum of 100 grams of fat. And still, intensive sudorific regimens of trainings are not the best regimens for weight reduction. A usual consequence of such regimen is fatigue, slackness, muscle tone and mood depression, appetite rising. It is all attributes of “failure”.

– The loss of water caused by stay in a sauna. In this case weight reduction is caused exclusively by loss of a liquid and too has no relation to the expense of a fatty tissue.

– Loss of water against hot weather. Very often in a heat we see reduction of weight by 1-2 kgs. However when the heat passes water-supplies are restored and the weight is accordingly restored also.

– A situation about which you are not well-known. Reduction of the maintenance of the water bound to a stock of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates in an organism contain in the form of animal starch of a glycogen. The lump of these stocks is small and doesn’t exceed 100-150 of calories in this stock. At usual vital activity the person spends this quantity of energy for 4-5 hours of wakefulness. However the glycogen in an organism exists not in the form of solid. It is bound to water.

On deduction in tissues of the given quantity of a glycogen is necessary 1-1,5 liters of water. At observance of an unloading diet glycogen stocks are exhausted literally in the first days. And at the expense of deducing of the water bound to a glycogen fast weight reduction to one kg a day is observed. However already at small expansion of a food glycogen stocks are restored and the person gains all dumped kilograms back. Very often this mechanism works at the people who are applying traditional days of limited intake of food, apple, or cottage cheese.

The kg lost after such day already safely comes back the next day.

– The loss of a liquid caused by reduction of the maintenance of salt in an organism. This mechanism of weight reduction as can be observed at a diet especially if this diet is poor in table salt.
So, what to do to reduce to minimum unnecessary disappointments and the unreasonable hopes bound to weighing?

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– Weighing procedure should be as much as possible unified. It is necessary to be weighed at the same time days, in the same clothes, or without clothes. It is better to be weighed in the morning on an empty stomach, after a toilet.

– Try to be weighed on the same balances.

Be able to interpret results of weighing correctly. If despite yours losing weight efforts the weight gets higher it is bound most likely to augmentation of accumulation of a liquid in an organism.

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