Let’s Eat Memory Improving Foods.

We all have a busy lifestyle which is stressful of course. Perhaps you know that stressful situations result in such an undesirable thing as memory deterioration. It goes without saying that this reality is very scaring. But any way we should prevent it because it’s much effective than treatment from my point of view. Doctors know that prevention is a great thing. Just let me enumerate some useful foods that can improve your memory.

First of all I’d like to mention seafood because it is considered to be a great source of different memory boosters. This especially refers to fish. It’s known that fish can give people omega-3 fatty acids. Exactly these acids are good for our heart and brain as well. This stops your memory loss and you can have a great chance to divert your brain deterioration. But perhaps you’ve got allergic to this extremely useful gift of nature as fish. In this case you can buy fish oil capsules. They are rather available.

Then I should also mention grapes and various eggplants. It’s a great way to take care of your health. These products contain decent amounts of anthocyamin. I should in form you that anthocyamin is known as a very efficient antioxidant. Moreover these products can supply you with nasunin. It’s also a great antioxidant. It’s responsible for protecting the lipids in your brain cell membrane. In such a way a possible memory loss is delayed.

By the way many research institutions have already proved the fact everyday consumption of wine and beer as well as other kinds of alcohol can divert coronary artery disease and even heart attack. Of course I mean exactly just a glass of alcohol. It goes without saying excessive consumption is harmful. So just a glass of red wine is a pretty good thing especially if you drink it with your friends. It’s known that red wine provides us with a good blood circulation and of course it improves our memory. By the way experts advise up to 300 – 500 ml of this substance a day.

Of course I can’t pass by berries. You should pay a great attention to such extremely useful berries as blueberries, blackberries and certainly strawberries because they contain a great number of antioxidants which cleanse your body. Your blood vessels will be cleansed and you’ll have the better blood circulation. By the way berries also have fisetin. And I should add that onion also contains this substance. In spite of the fact that onion makes us cry, but any way this vegetable gives us many benefits. You shouldn’t stay away from consumption of onion from my point of view. So fisetin contained in berries and onion promotes growth, improvement of your brain neurons. So it’s a great contribution to your long term memory. I hope your memory will be as reliable as the best hard drives.

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