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Kettlebell Training Explosive Fat Burning Workout

The beach season is coming soon. How are you going to look in shorts or a bathing suit? Do you need to firm up your butt? thunder thighs getting out of hand? and oh that extra roll of belly fat.

I hope you are truly motivated to get your training back on track. One way to do that is have a GOAL, or pick an area where you’d like to see an increase in strength, endurance, flexibility or fat loss. Or maybe it’s just to lose those extra 10 pounds that seemed to just show up. Well… I’m here to help you set your goals and achieve them.

I’m going to start by making some assumptions. Whether or not you relate to them, if you follow my tips you’ll get permanent fat loss results. We’re going to focus on the lower body, the hips and legs. No I’m not talking “Thigh Master”, but real results producing workouts.

You may have heard that the swing is the basis of kettlebell training. It is, and for good reason. Working the hips, butt, and legs dynamically with explosive power burns fat and gives you an unparalleled cardio workout. Swings, simple and brutal should be your basic program. The swing workouts can be done on alternating days to really hit it hard or after your strength training. One arm, two arm swings, take your pick but DO them.

Don’t over think your workouts. Keep it simple, sets, ladders, time, whatever works, but make sure you get them done each and every week.

Now on to the other good stuff, lower body strength training. I’m going to focus on a superset of lower body drills. Here is a quick and simple lower body killer that doesn’t take very long. Move from one exercise to the next with as little rest as possible.

Goblet or Front Squat 8-10 reps
One- Legged Dead Lift (Right-side only) 8-10 reps
Goblet or Front Squat 8-10 reps
One- Legged DL (Left-side only) 8-10 reps

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Rest and repeat for a total of 2-3 super sets. Finish with 10 Good Mornings (done very slow and tight)

This is just one example of a simple complex set of layering 2 drills to really target certain muscle groups. Moving from single leg to both legs gives the body a sense of a rest without really resting. You can use 1 kettlebell or 2 for either drill. If you’re starting to get tired, you can drop a rep from each set as you go.

Joe Gagliano – About the Author:
There you have it a great kettlebell workout for lean shapely legs, a round firm butt, and not to mention the loss of belly fat.

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