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Keeping Weight After A Diet: Tips

Many consider that it is very difficult to lose weight, but this statement isn’t absolutely true. It is not so difficult to lose weight how to keep weight of which you dreamed also which achieved with such work. How to make so that after the diet termination the lost kgs haven’t returned?

Certainly, any diet is stress for entire organism. It is good, if will power has sufficed you to hold on one of them to the victorious extremity and to achieve desirable result.

Certainly, before a diet it would be quite good to rationalize the food to reduce diet stress.

For example, if you have every day for a breakfast a roll with oil or fritters – it is possible being prepared for a diet to refuse a similar breakfast having replaced fat and flour with muesli and porridges.

And it is quite good to register in fitness somewhere a month before the diet beginning – it is not necessary to dump in one day on an organism and doing sports and refusal of certain products!

Naturally, it will be difficult to organism to sustain and it will start to protest showing the discontent with a current situation with the raised appetite and severe pains in joints and muscles and endure a diet much more difficult.

But, we will put your diet as that’s a thing of the past. You have finished its day or two back and with horror start to expect occurrence of hated kgs from which you so longly escaped.

Diet at you, most likely is not the first and you precisely know that they always come back, resulting with itself pair-three friends-kilograms. And you with grief in eyes consider through how many weeks or months you should pass on again to a hated diet…

Whether you know that to keep weight after the diet termination it s possible 10 % to grown thin – within the first year and 5 % – within first two years? Whether not therefore the percent of the kgs which have won homing is so small that simply didn’t lead up to the victorious extremity?

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To keep weight is simple, but demanding, undoubtedly, the diet is more than efforts and patience, than. After all you know an expiry date of a diet and maintenance of forms – business of all further life beginning after.


It, perhaps, is the most important component of life after a diet.

Agree, having ceased to refuse to yourself many products, after the termination of a diet and it would be desirable to descend in the nearest supermarket, to buy everything that till this day was considered forbidden and to be full. It is called as alimentary failure.

Whether and you know that our organism at correctly picked up food even after a diet continues to grow thin for 1,5 months?

For this reason failures in the first 1,5-2 months after the diet termination is the most terrible time also lead to that all your gained course of losing weight goes to nothing.

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