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Keep A Rice Diet Program, Lose Weight And Make Your Health Stronger.

There are some versions of a rice diet. An essence of the diet is that rice perfectly absorbs any salts, chemical wasts, and other similar substances that are not useful for your body.

Here is one of rice diets that you can keep from 3 to 14 days.

Rice diet – the first day:
Breakfast – one apple, boiled rice (60г dry grains). You can add some lemon juice to rice if you want. Green tea, herbal potions.
Dinner- vegetable broth and salad (to 150gr.), boiled rice (you can add add greens, and a some drops of oil).
Supper – vegetable broth from, boiled rice with vegetables (for example, with carrot or vegetable marrow).

Rice diet – the second day:
Breakfast – a grapefruit, boiled rice you can add one teaspoon of low-fat sour cream.
Dinner – vegetable broth, boiled vegetables, boiled rice.
Supper the same, as a dinner.

Rice diet – the third day:
Breakfast – boiled rice with cinnamon, a pear
Dinner – vegetable broth from, salad made of cucumbers, boiled rice, mushrooms, fried in olive oil (150gr).
Supper – vegetable broth from, broccoli made on steam, boiled rice.

Rice diet – the fourth day:
Breakfast – light fruit salad, boiled rice with milk.
Dinner – vegetable broth, garden radish, boiled rice, steamed carrot.
Supper – vegetable broth, boiled rice.

Rice diet – the fifth day:
Breakfast – boiled rice with raisins, yogurt.
Dinner – vegetable broth, steamed vegetables, boiled rice with greens.
Supper – vegetable broth, boiled rice with crumbled walnuts, steamed spinach.

Rice diet – the sixth day:
Breakfast – boiled rice with four walnuts and several fig berries, a pear.
Dinner – vegetable broth, fresh vegetables, boiled rice.
Supper – vegetable broth, boiled rice with one spoon of sour cream or cream, 1-2 apples.

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Rice diet – the seventh day:
Breakfast – boiled rice (you can add some lemon juice or honey), an apple or a pear.
Dinner – vegetable broth, some green salad (about 100 grammes), boiled rice, steamed string beans and tomatoes.
Supper – vegetable broth, rice with one tea-spoon of olive oil, several olives, basil, steamed vegetable marrows.

It is necessary to drink mineral water, fresh juices, green tea or herbal potions between meals. The rice diet is simple, does not cause feeling of hunger and is perfectly perceived by an organism and the three-day diet is rather effective will provide disappearance of 1 kg, and during a week of a rice diet you will easily lose three kilograms. Only follow some simple rules: first, rice necessarily should be crude (it contains much of B group vitamins) this is the condition of any rice diet; secondly, after you eat rice you shouldn’t eat anything within next two hours.

The rice diet is good not only because it helps you to lose weight and to “clear” your body, but is also changes representation of a person about healthy foods.

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