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Italian Secrets Of Losing Weight

Myths about that the unindifference to nourishing and tasty macaroni threatens with a solid increase in weight are sent for a long time in breakage. The Italian relation to Pasta as to an independent dish will help not only easy to say goodbye to hated kgs, but to normalize metabolic processes in an organism.

About advantage of Pasta

All stones in macaroni” kitchen garden is already collected. Today any dietarian will confirm that 100 grams of Pasta portion has only 346 calories not only don’t promote addition in weight, but also on the contrary, made of firm grades of a flour, at correctly made menu it will help to lose wieght without being excruciated by feeling of hunger, and to adjust a metabolism, without a pharmacological intervention.

The maintenance of minerals and vitamins in 100 grams of dry Pasta:

* Potassium of 123 mg – regulates muscular activity of carbohydrates;

* Calcium of 19 mg – strengthens bones and teeth – a strain and a relaxation of muscles, a fibrillation;

* Magnesium of 16 mg – supervises work of muscles and nerves;

* Sodium of 3 mg – participates in gastric juice formation – balance of a liquid of an organism;

* Phosphorus of 87 mg – promotes growth and organism restoration – forms an osteal skeleton;
* Iron of 1580 mkg – is necessary for hemoglobin formation;

* Iodine of 1,5 mkg – gives more energies;

* Cobalt of 1,6 mkg – is necessary for red bloody cells;

* Manganese of 577 mkg – is necessary for sex and genesial function, important for antioxidatic system;

* Copper is important for an iron absorption;

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* Molybdenum of 12,6 mkg – promotes a metabolism of fibers and fats;

* Fluorine of 23 mkg – is a part of an osteal tissue;

* Zinc of 708 mkg – synthesis and splitting of carbohydrates, fats, fibers;

* Vitamin E of 2,1 mg – an antioxidant, the atherosclerosis prevention;

* Vitamin В1 of 0,17 mg – is important in a metabolism of carbohydrates and fats;

* Vitamin В2 of 0,04 mg – regulates proteometabolism – activates processes of a fatty exchange;

* Vitamin В12 of 20 mkg – is necessary for growth and development of vascular and immune systems;

* Vitamin РР of 1.21 mg – helps proteometabolism, promotes normal functioning of nervous system and digestive organs.

Daily ration of Italians in our widths differently as a diet also you will not name it as competently constructed alimentary pyramid: 60 % of the menu make difficult carbohydrates – fruit, vegetables, cereals, vitamin-rich of E group, about 30 % of the polysated fats and the amino acids making, for example, a basis of olive oil, and, 10 % of cells of the fibers concluded in seafood necessary for normal functioning and also meat and cheese.

Besides, all products included in, a so-called, Mediterranean diet are rich with “youth vitamins” – Е and A, C that normalize work of an intestine, and don’t load vessels with cholesterol that promotes good metabolism and you won’t gain excess weight with such food ration.

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