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Is The Fat Food Useful?

Scientists assert that the fat food consumed in moderate quantities is necessary for protection of heart, kidneys and nerves. Besides, it isolates a body from influences of external temperature.

Really, fat carries out important mechanical function, covering with a protective layer heart, kidneys and nerves. In a hypodermic fatty tissue it operates as isolating material, protecting a body from a cold and heat. Besides, it is necessary for assimilation of liposoluble vitamins A, D, Е, for construction of cellular membranes, cellular organelles and for manufacture of prostaglandins – fabric hormones which, besides other functions, influence coagulability of a blood.

The sated and no saturated fat acids

The fats are necessary for realization of process of a metabolism, organism can develop it itself from fiber and carbohydrates. A disadvantage of fat is the phenomenon rare enough as it “is hidden” contain in many foodstuff. At drawing up of your food allowance pay special attention on consuming of fats in a small amount. High-quality fats contain high percent of fat acids with repeated no saturated communications (linoleic acid and linolenic acid). As irreplaceable fat acids, they possess great importance for a fatty exchange and should be entered into an organism with nutrition. The disadvantage of these irreplaceable fat acids is excessive entering of the sated fat acids that is one of the reasons of a calcification of arteries.

Linoleic acid contains, besides in pure oils (for example, sunflower-seed oil), in variety of foodstuff, such as fish, meat or milk products. Still more recently there was a suspicion that sunflower-seed oil because of the high maintenance in it of linoleic acid causes a cancer. Scientists even had been established connection between consumption of sunflower-seed oil and changes in DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid which is the basic component of chromosomes and the carrier of the genetic information).

However these changes represent the normal phenomenon and occur daily, and the organism again “corrects” at once all. Scientists in this connection firmly adhere to the reference about necessity to supply an organism with linoleic acid. The requirement for it can be sufficiently covered by means of the balanced food eating. Many valuable fat acids contain in fish. It is the sufficient basis for its regular consumption. It is desirable to have two times a week in your menu a dish from fish or seafood.

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In what food the fat acids contain?

Linoleic acid contains first of all in vegetable oils, such as sunflower, linen, hempy or soya. Linoleic and linolenic acids are precursors of prostaglandin of fat acid which contains basically in fishes. Here it is necessary to distinguish an omega-3 and omega-6-fat. According to the new data EPA acid from group of omega-3-fat is ranked as irreplaceable fat acids. Omega-3-fat acids contain first of all in fish. It is one more reason regularly to include in menu fish dishes and at omega-3-fat of acids is found the same positive properties which are available for ballast substances. Omega-3-fat acids reduce a blood pressure and the cholesterol maintenance in a blood, dilate vessels and interfere with a fibrillation.

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