Is It True That You Need To Work Out At A Gym?

Anyone who goes and trains for fitness or strength is to be applauded, but just take a look at the resultsof the average person who goes to the gym. (You might even be such a person yourself.) Howmuch headway towards their fitness goals do they really make? The sad truth is that most people make negligible conditioning gains from the kind of workout described above. The dedicated ones trudge to the gym, week in, week out, but perhaps beyond a minor initial improvement they hardly ever seem to change at all, let alone attain their peak potential. I think most gym-goers can get better results with a kettlebell handle than they’ll get at a bodybuilding gym.

And these are the trainees who keep at it! Ninety percent of those who join a gym quit within two months due to lack of results. But who can honestly blame people for getting de-motivated with such lackluster results, from methods that-to cap it off-are boring, too?

Back in California in the fifties, there was a chain of gyms offering lifetime memberships for a modest fee.

By “lifetime,” I mean it-people paid an up-front lump sum, and could train at the gym any time, for life. Sound like a good deal? It was-for the gym owners. More than 99% of those who took the offer joined and quit after a few months, never to come back. The gym owners, of course, understood the business and knew full well that this would happen. The flunk out rate has always been the same with gyms-astonishingly high.

Is this true for you? Have you ever joined a gym all fired up with enthusiasm and good intentions, only to give up shortly after? The chances are if it’s not true for you, you will personally know many others this sad story applies to. But if an activity-such as gym training-really is as valuable, and instantly life-enriching as we are told it is, why is there such a massive drop out rate?

The answer in part lies in the fact that people aren’t getting the kind of results they should expect.

Quite aside from the inefficiency of the average gym-based fitness routine, it’s incredibly inconvenient. The standard gym session is a pain in the backside. It’s not just the training-it’s the getting there. Gyms require a lot of floor space, to accommodate all the equipment. For this reason, most gym owners can’t afford to rent central locations; they usually lease or buy space outside of town, in industrial or run-down areas. Most trainees have to drive or take public transport to getthere. You have to get ready by showering beforehand, you need to wash and launder your gym clothes, get changed, pack your gym bag (towel, water, supplements, membership card), etc. How many people are in the mood for all that after a hard day at work or school?

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Then when you get there, even if you have a training routine prepared, the equipment you require is often in use. Unlike with a home-based workout like the folks who use a ironmaster kettlebell, guys who struggle to get to the gym often have problems before they even start working out. Evenings are the worst; it’s just not fun hanging around in a gym inhabited by heaving, sweaty guys. (Unless you’re into that kind of thing.) Why do people bother putting themselves through this rigmarole in the first place? Because we are told that-to become who we want to be-we need to. To get in shape, we need gym membership. To get chiseled abs, we need the flashy gadgets. To get big pecs, we need the expensive, scientifically engineered training machine. To work out safely and in comfort, we need the designer training shoes. To get buff, we needall these protein pills, shakes and other supplements.

Why are we told this? It’s all down to money, folks. The “experts” on the infomercials telling you that you need this kind of gadget, or that kind of equipment to develop your pees or abs or whatever- they are the guys selling that stuff! The same is true of dietary supplements. The muscle magazines that feature all the pro bodybuilders pushing supplements aren’t ultimately financed by the bodybuilding fans. There is no money in pro bodybuilding. The magazines are either sponsored by or (in most cases) published by the companies who make those supplements. The bodybuilders featured in their publications aren’t built by supplements and protein shakes. They are built by steroids.

Like so many things in our modern, money-driven world, the vision most people have been peddled regarding what they “need” to get in shape, is a big lie. It’s a scam. You don’t need all these products and extras to reach the pinnacle of strength and fitness.

All you need is your body, the right knowledge, and a big bucketful of determination.

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