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Is It Necessary To Add BUDS In A Diet?

When we “sit on” a diet our organism needs the raised quantity of microcells and minerals. An explanation is very simple: they arrive with food which is rather defined. If food is limited the level of these substances in an organism decreases also.

Unfortunately, Europeans any more don’t eat for a long time so that a necessary stock of microcells, vitamins and minerals arrived in food. However each person has a certain reserve which starts to be used at the stresses, the raised loadings, and also during a diet.

It is dangerous if the diet is used often and incorrectly. In other words disregarding these nuances we grow thin, we receive desirable result, however absolutely unexpectedly we face such problems as weariness, working capacity decrease, skin troubles, a hair fall etc. Consequences depend on specific features of the person.

Is it possible to avoid it? Yes. There are special additives which can be used at diet observance. Especially it is important if the diet is long and is planned more than for a week.

What do additives consist of?
Iron, copper, zinc, iodine, selenium, chrome, manganese – all these microcells are biologically active substances and are required to the person in small amounts. All microcells are necessary for normal ability to live, however it is possible to allocate the most important without which receipt there can be a metabolism infringement. We will stop on them in more details.

It raises quantity of hemoglobin in blood, influences manufacture of melanin and oxygen carrying over in hemoglobin. It is necessary for oxygen carrying over by red blood little bodies. It takes part in manufacture of set of enzymes. It is better acquired together with vitamin C. The basic displays of a lack of iron: sensation of weariness and weakness, an uneasy night dream. At deficiency of iron the risk of infectious diseases increases.

Daily requirement for gland for men is 10 mg; for women is 12-15 mg. The food additives containing iron are counter-indicative at some forms of an anemia.

It is necessary for formation of melanin and an iron metabolism

It provides normal work of a thyroid gland.

It is necessary for maintenance of health of reproductive and immune systems, and also for restoration and updating of fabrics.

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It is necessary for health of bones and nervous system.

Operates as an antioxidant for neutralization of free radicals, promotes strengthening of immune system, feeds cages, protects them from influence of carcinogens. Provides elasticity of fabrics, promotes normal development of cages of a liver, muscles, a pancreas, promotes deducing from an organism of heavy metals, raises sexual activity. Necessarily it should be combined with vitamin E reception.

Participates in regulation of level of sugar in blood, promotes insulin development. At a lack of chrome the organism tests the big overloads.

If during a diet it would be desirable sweet it testifies to a chrome lack. Chrome receipt in an organism during this period can reduce the unjustified-overestimated requirement in sweet and carbohydrates.

It is really surprising that nowadays we are living in the world where knowledge quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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