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Innovation In Growing Thin – The HAEMOCODE

In modern life appearance defines much, it is possible to tell, almost all. Reaches that with excess weight is problematic to get a job! Representatives of a fine half of mankind are ready almost on all for the sake of an ideal figure. Therefore, as soon as there is a new technique of growing thin, it acquires hearings and myths. Even if the diet demands certain material inputs women are ready to leave last terribly earned money to get rid of superfluous kgs.

Let`s understand what is the Haemocode?

According to developers of system the Haemocode is a unique test in which course the products which use is counter-indicative to the concrete person are defined. On the high-precision modern equipment the physical and chemical analysis of blood on shipping of 130 foodstuff present at a daily diet of the majority of people is made. “Green” and “red” lists with the list of the resolved and forbidden products accordingly are as a result made. The haemocode is possibility to improve the general state of health, to get rid of some chronic diseases, to lose superfluous kgs, to find ideal nails, hair and a skin.

It is a little about intolerance of products

The intolerance of products (according to developers of the Haemocode) is insufficiency because of which the organism can’t overwork certain substances completely. Also the emphasis on uneasy ecological conditions is placed. In general, a unique way to rescue is eutrophy. Everything, like as, beautifully and logically. Pleasure cost is about 8 thousand roubles.

Now we will address to traditional medicine. Allocate following types of intolerance of products:

1. A food allergy. In this case the organism reacts to a certain product (antigene) as follows: in blood antibodies which incorporating to an antigene are formed, deduce it from an organism. The food allergy can be shown in a kind of a hypostasis of a throat, a cold, a bronchial asthma and so forth. The given diagnosis put only after the analysis of antibodies of the blood showing that the product is really perceived by the person as something alien.

2. Congenital intolerance of foodstuff. It is defined by genetic properties. There is such phenomenon extremely seldom, therefore completely isn’t studied. Dangerous products in this case are completely excluded from a diet.

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3. Insufficiency is an absence of this or that digestive enzyme. Certain substances (for example, fibers or carbohydrates) thus aren’t split, decay in intestines, causing the pains.

4. Psychological intolerance (a psychogenic anorexia). In this case the product is normally acquired and doesn’t put harm to an organism if the person has eaten it without knowing exact structure of a dish. So the diagnosis also proves to be true.

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