In Home Fitness Machine Review: The BRAVADA Twist Stepper With Exercise Bands And The BRAVADA Mini Ellipitcal Trainer By Sunny Health

People always ask what is the best exercise for them to do at home. Yes, you can get fit without spending hundreds of dollars on fitness equipment and for the most part, it is just as effective if not more. Here are a couple of great ideas home fitness exercise machines you can use at home:

The BRAVADA Twist Stepper with Resistance Toning Bands by Sunny Health – 4.5 out of 5

This is a low impact, portable and high energy exercise machine that features a computerized, automatic scan LCD monitor to time your workout, counts calories burned that displays the number of steps you take and strides per minute. The BRAVADA Twist Stepper will help you improve your cardiovascular conditioning, accelerate your body’s fat burning rate as well as strengthen and tone your entire lower body. It will also help with your coordination and muscular timing. The motivating and low impact twisting movements movements help trim your inner thighs and tone outer thighs and hips. The Twist stepper is built with sturdy metal frame and hydraulic cylinders provide a low impact stepping action through a smooth gliding motion. It also has over sized slip resistant foot pads. One of the fantastic things with the Twist stepper is it’s easy storage whether its under your bed or in your closet. The Twist Stepper comes with two resistance toning bands that add an additional low-impact, high-intensity upper body workout putting in motion your entire body. These exercise bands are amazing for your upper body and the sideways movements tone and work your entire body at the same time. The Twist Stepper with Exercise Bands simulates stair climbing and the invigorating twisting action of the stepper keeps it fun and keeps your entire workout smooth. Stepping gives your entire lower body a fantastic workout including hips, front of thighs, back of thighs and calves. At only $65.00, the BRAVADA Twist Stepper gets 4.5 stars out of 5

The BRAVADA Mini Elliptical Trainer by Sunny Health – 5 out of 5

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This is a portable mini elliptical machine perfectly designed for those who want to work out in their home. It comes with many features including a scan function, automatic time tracker, adjustable tension, as well as keeping track of your workout distances. The great thing about the Mini Elliptical Trainer is that it’s portable and lets you work out from any room in your home or while watching TV. Our body’s benefit greatly from the low impact aerobic workout that the BRAVADA Mini Elliptical Trainer provides. No impact cardio exercise workouts firms and tones our lower body while greatly improving our cardiovascular conditioning and our body’s natural fat burning rate. It has an adjustable tension control that allows you to increase or decrease your intensity level easily. The BRAVADA Mini Elliptical Trainer can be used in the forward and reverse direction while sitting or standing.can be used while sitting or standing and can be used in a forward or reverse direction. It is compact so you can work out in smaller areas such as hotel rooms, living rooms, kitchens and even the bathroom. The BRAVADA Mini Elliptical Trainer is a perfect in home workout that is extremely well priced at just over $100.00. This machine gets two thumbs up and gets 5 stars out of 5

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