Imagine Yourself Being Engaged In Fitness

The first employment is the most important. In advance it is necessary for you to pick up that “class” which is closer to your nature. Dancing or power is to solve to you. Basically, as to aerobic loading, it should be present at any training since favorably influences cardiovascular system, perfectly warms up muscles and prepares them for higher loading. Even, if you have come to an exercise room, first of all go on cardio-training apparatus: a racetrack, a bicycle, etc. Also sweat not less than 30 minutes, after all as it is known at beginners fat starts to burn only in 20 minutes of aerobic loading. Certainly, to warm up muscles it is possible also elementary lifting of the top part of the case from a prone position, better to say, – to shake a press of 15-20minutes. However, most likely, to us, ladies, this way will seem to the boring. What for so monotonously to strain, if it is possible will rush with a head to incendiary rhythms of “Latina” etc. And if to you to taste oriental combat sports, I advise to visit “class” taibo. Perfectly exhausts and gives a tremendous charge of energy. Power training is not less important. Exercises with burdenings will help to correct a figure and to load first of all those muscles which require special attention.

So, the first painful employment has ended. Remember, if you have correctly chosen loading level, that, leaving a hall, you should not “creep out” of it. An extension and exercises on breath restoration should return you in a normal state. If you all the same have gone too far, I advise next time to visit employment for “beginners”. It is not excluded that for the morning you will wake up with the pain in your body. Be not frightened and at all do not postpone the following training! It will help to warm up your muscles and somewhat quicker to get rid of a pain.

To facilitate “sufferings” it is possible to “test” right after trainings the next masseur, and to accept a heat bath with aromatic oils or perfumery salt houses.
And here we have reached the most interesting. When there will be results?! Do not hurry up! As it is impossible to learn French for a week so it is impossible to dump for two-three trainings heavy cargo of many years in the form of superfluous kgs and centimetres. Some months of regular employment, and associates will notice pleasant changes in your shape. Thus it is necessary to be engaged 3 – 4 times a week on 1,5 – 2 hours from which not less than 45 minutes it is necessary to give to aerobics, 30-45 minutes – to power exercises, and the rest of the time – warm-up, stretching and exercises on breath.

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