Weight Loss

If You Wish To Get More Energy And To Grow

If you wish to get more energy and to grow thin it is much more effectively simply to change the schedule of food consumption, than to bring cardinal and not always convenient changes in diet structure.
Researches show that food consumption with small portions promotes constant maintenance of normal level of sugar maintenance in blood and hasten a metabolism.

To consume food in a small amount should those girls who have a sedentary and inactive way of life.
We should reduce cholesterol level in blood. Results of researches of frequent food with little portions, have shown that at all participants cholesterol level has decreased on 8 %, and level of “harmful” (LDL) cholesterol – on 12 %. The ordered food promoted maintenance of level of sugar in blood, and also to reduction of insulinic adhesions, which stimulate cholesterol development.
How is to pass on to food consumption in a small amount? It will demand discipline, and for some change of a way of life. But to change the habits in meal all the same it is easier, than to follow a strict diet.
The purpose is a food intake in every 2-3 hours. When portions are small it is necessary to give attention to their quality. Be convinced, that protein is included in a diet, the complex carbohydrates rich with cellulose, and useful fats. Protein and cellulose gives a feel of fullness. Difficult carbohydrates are slowly digested, without influencing level of the maintenance of sugar in blood; fat which also is digested slowly, charges organism with energy not at once, and much more after food intake.

It is possible to try to begin from 6 small equal portions or with 3 small with 2-3 light meals during the day.
A variety is required to an organism; therefore don’t be afraid to show imagination and to mix different products. Smear a little cottage cheese on a slice of granary bread either put cucumber or whip the hard-boiled egg, with a glass of tomato juice and decorate with celery. It is necessary to reconsider own concept about portion control not to consume more than necessary quantity of calories in a day. At restaurants order nourishing snack as the basic dish or, before to start the chosen dish, put aside a half – it is possible to take it home.
To limit a portion, remind yourself as after an overeating there is a heavy feeling in a stomach. Wonder before a meal, whether really you wish to eat all it, knowing that will want sleep then, sitting at a table.
It is necessary to think over the high-grade menu per day and to apportion meal in plastic containers which it will be possible to take with yourself at work or which will wait for you when you come back home.

Wish you good luck and have a nice meal!

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