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If You Want To Lose Weight Don’t Refuse From Milk Products!

It is scientifically proved that calcium accelerates process of fat burning, and its prevalence in the menu helps to supervise weight. And, on the contrary, the insufficient quantity of calcium stimulates processes of accumulation of fat.

Milk products for losing weight

During the experiment spent by the Canadian university, it has appeared that the women accepting tablets with calcium have lost nearby 6 kg for 6 months while the participants accepting a placebo have lost only 1 kg.

Researchers assert that 50 % of women with excess weight which addressed to them in clinic haven’t enough calcium in a ration. Hence, calcium is necessary for any successful diet.

And scientists from the Californian University have established that calcium helps to lose weight. During research, it was found out that receiving daily norm of calcium the person loses superfluous kgs thanks to activation of calcitriol which promotes use as an energy source first of all at fatty cells.

That is receiving 1500-2500 mg of calcium a day; it is possible to lose weight and even to lower risk of disease by an osteoporosis.

The normal quantity of calcium necessary to the person a day fluctuates within 1500 – 2500 mg. The most physiologic source of calcium is milk products. At adiposity it is necessary to choose a fat-free variant.

The possible reasons of a disadvantage of calcium during weight loss:

* Old age

* Menopause

* Excess of fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, alcohol and caffeine in nutrition

* Medicines, for example, laxatives, diuretic agents;

* Digestion disturbances

* Deficiency of vitamin D

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* Insufficient physical activity

* Insufficient development of a gastric juice

The products rich with calcium:

Apples, green peas, beans, integral grains of wheat, the fresh cucumbers, all kinds of cabbage, especially color (it is necessary to eat crude), a celery, a lettuce, a garden radish (with a tops of vegetable), cottage cheese, white cheeses, apricots, a currant, grapes, a gooseberry, a blackberry, a beet, carrots, wild strawberry, a cherry, cucumbers, oranges, peaches, pineapples, a strawberry, fennel, parsley, a celery, an onion, a tops of vegetable of young turnip, a string bean green, a cuticle of all fruit and vegetables, spinach, a dandelion, bran, honey, almonds, a wood nut, sour-milk products.

Remember that sufficient consumption of calcium inhibits desire to eat more.

Also what you can do is to drink vegetable juice and lose weight with it!

From fresh vegetables it is quite possible to name juice as a dietary drink. Dietarians from the USA have made experiment in which 82 adult persons with excess weight have taken part.

Vegetable juice promotes losing weight:

All participants adhered to principles of a healthy food: vegetables, fruit, low-fat meat and milk products, fish and cereals.

To half of participants have suggested drinking a glass of vegetable juice (250 ml) daily, later 3 months those who regularly drank juice have lost from 5-2 kg, the others – no more than on 0,5 kg.

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They drank tomato juice in a combination to other vegetables: celery, a cucumber, and carrots. Sipping a glass of vegetable juice while cook food, you satisfy primary hunger. Such simple and useful ways will help you to lose weight and eat further less.

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